How to add a new opensearch engine?

Asked by Aleksander Sumowski on 2008-09-18

How do I add a new opensearch engine? Gnome-do seems to use a completely separate set of engines from Firefox, so installing a new search engine in FF doesn't help.

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Aleksander Sumowski
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Peng Deng (d6g) said : #1

What version of Do, GNOME, and Firefox are you using?

It seems fine on my systems (hardy and intrepid with the lastest bzr code): new opensearch engines added are stored at ~/.mozilla/firefox/xxx.default/searchplugins/ and are recognized by GNOME Do.

Aleksander Sumowski (sumek) said : #2

Already sorted that out. My Gnome Do uses search plugins from:

Thanks for this answer, although in Intrepid I had to use /usr/share/ubufox/searchplugins since there was no fodler /usr/share/firefox/searchplugins on my system.

ariel cornejo (arielco) said : #4

In Karmic, search plugins common to all users are stored in /usr/lib/firefox-addons/searchplugins/common/{language}/. Shouldn't OpenSearch plugin use this path? Currently it only uses my custom search engines (that is, those inside ~/.mozilla).

James Martin (tr4shb4t) said : #5

What about those who only use Chromium/Chrome? Gnome Do seems completely oblivious to my search plugins. Firefox is installed, and those folders previously mentioned are mildly populated, but Gnome Do still can't search the web at all. I'm running Lucid.

Sam Gaus (gausie) said : #6

I have the same problem as James. Up-voted.