Can I start GNOME Do in the background?

Asked by Miguel Pires da Rosa on 2007-11-14

Is there a way or is it planned to have gnome-do just initializing without showing the window?

Because it would be great to put gnome-do automatically starting with gnome but not showing the main window, just running in background.

Great project by the way!

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Paul Hoell (hoellp) said : #1

I very strongly vote for this one.
In my opinion, this feature is a must for this kind of app and is the only reason I'm not using it fulltime.
Thanks for consideration and this great app.

I was planning to wait to add this until we have a splash screen so that people aren't left wondering whether they launched Do or not. Many people have asked about this, so I will bring it up (again) on the mailing list.

Also, are you serious that you think Do is a great app but you won't use it "full time" because it shows its window when you first start it (which you should only have to do once per session)? You're picky!

He's seriously picky because this app just brings the fun back into keyboarding!

Ok, added this feature to trunk-david. Should be merged with main after Thanksgiving.

If you launch Do for the first time like this:

$ gnome-do --quiet

Do will start without showing its window.

I'd been wondering this as well. Thanks!

I'd suggest a icon in the system tray over a splash screen. A little less intrusive....

Götz Christ (g-christ) said : #7

And somethink like Katapult, I think i remember that it would come with <Alt>+Space, like <Alt>+F2 for the run dialog.

Götz Christ (g-christ) said : #8

Oops, I have just read that it works with Super-space.

Mathieu Cadet (thelama) said : #9

Not a splash screen please! What would be the purpose of that other than distracting the user?
I don't see the real need of a trayicon either. It will only cutter the notification area a bit more...
Thank you so much for this great piece of software :)

Paul Hoell (hoellp) said : #10

I know I'm really picky with my software, but I hate when it gets in my way. This, of course, has nothing to do with your project, I didn't use gaim/pidgin for quite some time because it wouldn't start in tray.
But anyways, you're doing a great job and I strongly promote a total disappearance of the gui, except when I call upon it. And I'd love to see an install-time integration für Hardy (+1), depending on the stability of course.

I'm a newbie, but I resolved this adding the command line:
$ gnome-do -quiet
to the System | Preferences | Sessions | Startup Programs Tab.

Dread Knight (dread.knight) said : #12

I'm not a GNOME user anymore, using KDE/katapult but in case you are in need of a splash screen or some icons for GNOME Do, you are free to contact me (I can do raster, vector and 3d).