Docky does not match my favorite application to its launcher! Help!

Created by Jason Smith on on 2009-03-15
Docky launcher match

Docky does provide a method of fixing this (within some limits). The sad fact of the matter is that we will never get this perfect due to the way applications are launched in linux. There is nothing that directly ties them to window individual launchers.

How to fix:
1) Find the processes PID (henceforth called $PID in commands).

2) Find the processes exec string via "ps -o command -p $PID h". This exec string will hopefully look like /usr/bin/myApplication. You will now need to find the .destkop file that launches this application.

3) Find exec string in .desktop file (usually localted in /usr/share/applications). This may look like /usr/bin/MyApp-2

4) Open ~/.local/share/gnome-do/RemapFile with gedit

5) for the case were our exec string in ps was /usr/bin/myApplication and in the .desktop we found /usr/bin/MyApp-2 we want to add a line that looks like

myApplication, MyApp-2, myApplicationRemapped

The first two items are the matches found, and the third item is a unique name to match them to. All that matters is the third name is unique to everything else. you may, if you choose also write it as.

myApplication, myApplicationRemapped
MyApp-2, myApplicationRemapped

This will have the same effect and gets parsed in identically to the first string.

Finally restart Docky and your application should work properly. Be sure to post your customizations to this file in launchpad so we can include the best of them in future releases!