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Asked by Nikita KT

Dear Diodon developer,

writing to request and propose some features.

1. Paste as a drop down list menu in all context menus(right click)... See clipple add-on for FireFox...
     this makes it easy for the eyes and move about hunting for buttons or looking at keyboard labels...focus refocus and constantly shift and loose attention to other areas of screen or computer etc...Can save time and energy over long streches of work/time.

2. InFormEnter style(addon for Firefox) system wide clipboard with the ability to use /load profiles with static entries or dynamic...mix but the all convinient button added to any input field detected on screen. Same as InFormEnter...could save a lot of time again as for passwords or other trivial rubbish that applications or forms keep asking about...
This for me would be the killer. Resident or system wide/any Gnome box and not just FireFox textfields autoentry with a convinient button!
3.Using keyboard shortcuts to add to right click comfort for speed is also good(as mentioned)
4.Have items stay static but highligh the active one in the clipboard instead of messing about with rotating positions.....
5. Certainly have the entries numbered by rows! Refer to Clipit...very important to create a sense of order!

Those done. you will have a killer clipboard that all data entry people will cry for like they cry for InFormEnter to have an equivelent in Chrome....

Best wishe,
Nikita KT

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Oliver Sauder (sao) said :

Thanks for your ideas.

1. There has been an idea that a similar extension could be developed for gedit. There is an issue with that though currently as only plugins of diodon can access the clipboard history. Addons for Firefox or gedit can not do that. There is a similar issue for a better gnome3 integration So before this can be done a way to access Diodon across processes need to be implemented. At the moment we are testing whether DBus could be such a interface.

2. This also sounds interesting. We would have the same issue as pointed out in point 1 though.

4. I don't know whether this would confuse people even more. I see the current implementation as a way to show recent clipboard items in a menu. And this is implemented such as other Recent lists let say of gedit, LibreOffice etc. where a file is put on the top of the list when it is the most recent being opened or in the case of Diodon copied.
I do see though that the list of recent items in Diodon has its caveats. I would rather see that someone wants to paste a content but does not care when in the past it was copied. We are currently working on this that Diodon can store a history which is unlimited or limited in time and not number of items. See here:
This would make idea 2 also much more worthwhile.

5. As stated in point do I think is the order not so crucial but rather that the history can be accessed easily. I do think though that this should be implementable with a Diodon plugin. Added it therefore to "Ideas for Plugins" here

There is certainly lots to be done which can improve Diodon. As we are working on it is though any help very much appreciated.


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Nikita KT (blank-point-register) said :

Thank you Oliver.

I see your point about gnome...Its hard to know how to implement such a "system wide" feature...
I should also point out that I am writing this from a Ubuntu 12.10 installation. Gnome3 window manager.

About point 1. and the paste as submenu....and your suggestion. Its about gedit and I was thinking more of any application.
Any way to have the "paste" item (righ click menu) inside any application actually trigger the ctrl-alt-v choice subemenu...that would come close to what I was thinking about... for point 1.

2. Would you be able to direct me on where or who to ask regarding placing a button near any text field in any window/application in gnome...
The idea is to get to the point or bit that creates the text field and have it draw a small clickable button at creation...To begin with it could invoke the ctrl-alt-v action list . I have no idea who to turn to for help or ask for such a change/feature.
X windows Server or Gnome3??or some other place to hunt/down look for?
3. well I suppose I meant the ctrl-alt-v keyboard combo that I then saw in the preferences menu ;) bother there.
4.That way of having items appear and "move" described by you is the norm I suppose.
My point would be that when I copy a group of lines say from a particular webpage, I get the sense of using those in a particular order and knowing they stay grouped together (like you point out by time being copied into the clipboard) gives me a sense of where roughly to look for them when quick paste is needed....Such a work technique means I expect them to stay roughly positioned "against" each others position to stay the same. In an example say I have a telephone , then a First Name then a Second Name and then the address.... Knowing that the items stay in that order in relation to their position to each other gives me the ability to qucikly do my pasting without reading the full line/lines.... or getting confused and judging if its a first name , second name or whatever....I can simply judge the position of the item knowing it is the first name. Saves a lot of energy from having to re-read the whole line eacht time I switch the pasted item before deciding what it is....

I see you have added the 5th suggestion. It would make even more sense for when using 4 the way I have suggested.

Oliver another caveat for improving speed and ease use on the "static items" is to have the plugin/diodon clipboard is to display a data type(label) for the actual string. I mean for Example "Nikita K. Tsarov" when copied as static item to display as
"First name -> Nikita K. Tsarov" but when selected or pasted to paste as "Nikita K. Tsarov" only. The best way of doing so I would deem is to use a saved LibreOffice spreadsheet where one of the columns holds the LABEL such as First name and the second column the actual data "Nikita K. Tsarov".
Changing static entries/items may simply mean load another LibreOffice spreadsheet.

 I make the suggestion but dont even have the slightest idea of how this is to be done or where to start looking/asking?? Any info?
I really think this last suggestion and numbering would allow a lot of improvement in ter

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Best Oliver Sauder (sao) said :

In general Diodon as external application has limitation as we can not just change any controls etc. However to change such a core feature within GNOME/GTK there needs to be use cases, code and running examples. It also means that Diodon would need to be part of GNOME which it is not. So if such a feature needs to be implemented the only way I currently see is that a plugin is written to each application the feature is added e.g. gedit, Firefox maybe even GNOME etc. From there you have examples and can continue to push your idea. A long way and I am not seeing this happening any time soon. First we need to get the infrastructure in place on the Diodon side and then we can see where we go from there and if such an idea would be possible. I do see though that this could be a valuable feature especially also with Touch Screens.

About the ordering: I guess not everyone has the same workflow. We will see though how the list of recent items will change when we have implemented a unlimited history of clipboard items.

And as the static items go: As you probably have seen is this idea already added to the plugin ideas blueprint. I guess this idea with loading a list of static items with labels could be implemented with this plugin.

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Nikita KT (blank-point-register) said :

Thanks Oliver Sauder, that solved my question.