Does devstack Ironic support launching instances on real hardware yet?

Asked by Vinay B S

There are guides for using fake baremetal nodes with ironic to launch instances but didn't find any help on using real baremetal hardware.. I'm using the pxe_ipmitool driver. The IPMI tool is able to power on and off the server but pxe boot is not happening.

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Vinay B S (vinbs) said :

I am trying to get ironic driver to work with a Cisco baremetal C-series server. But I don’t see any equivalent Ironic setting that I see for baremetal for example BM_DNSMASQ_IFACE, BM_DNSMASQ_RANGE. I couldn't find a way to set dnsmasq to run on the actual physical interface to which I connect my baremetal server.

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Best aeva black (tenbrae) said :

Hi Vinay,

Ironic does not utilize a local dnsmasq process in the same way that early versions of nova-baremetal did. Instead, it relies on Neutron to provide IP and DHCP to the bare metal nodes. So, you need to be running Neutron, have properly set up the networking such that your node's DHCP BOOT request is serviced by Neutron and Neutron assigns it an IP. Once configured properly, Ironic will dynamically set the DHCP BOOT options on Neutron Ports to provide kernel and ramdisk via TFTP for bare metal Nodes under its control.

However, devstack's use of Ironic is currently targeted to the upstream test environments -- not physical hardware. If you want to use devstack on physical hardware, I would start by looking at the create_bridge_and_vms() and enroll_vms() methods in devstack/lib/ironic to see what you would need to change to make it work in your environment.

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Vinay B S (vinbs) said :

Thanks Devananda van der Veen, that solved my question.

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Zhongyue Luo (zyluo) said :

Which Neutron plugin should you configure to have the DHCP work with Ironic? If using ML2 OVS is sufficient, then is it possible to create multiple networks and have two or more dnsmasq processes run in separate namespaces?