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It might be interresting to have a feature of rating the images so that i could for instance check my rated ones.
I am a coder myself and if i have time i might implement it.
I just want to make sure that such a feature is welcome or just tell me if it is already implement/being implemented :)


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Stefan Haller (haliner) said :

Currently it’s not implemented. I would be very glad about additionally manpower, too.

Please note that the trunk branch in Launchpad is not up to date at the moment. I’m working on a redesign of DesktopNova and I want to make the code more modular and clean. For this I created a new git repository with a lot of feature branches. (I felt more comfortable with git than bzr and I used git a lot in the past time so that I didn’t switched back to bzr. I never tested the bzr-git plugin before, but I try to upload the code to the Launchpad servers later.)

Development is going forward very slowly and at the moment the code to base your work on is not available (it simply does not exist yet).

If there is interest I will upload the code, but for most people it’s useless. I keep in mind all the feature request (this one too), so that it is easy to implement them at a subsequent date.

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tUrg?0n (yordanov-piotr) said :

Well it might be fun to hack some code :)
So how can i co the latest version? is it on github?

Also, is Desktop Nova a Ubuntu only app? I have plans to switch to arch because its minimalistic and suits my style and it offers bleeding edge code which also suits me... and desktop nova was not in their repo, so i might also port it there eventually :)

I am ready to help, just tell me how i can do that :)

And yes, i too prefer git. I never heard of bazaar before , as a matter of fact :P

Cheers ^^

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Stefan Haller (haliner) said :

I’m running Arch, but don’t use DesktopNova. Another person has ported DesktopNova to Arch. Arch users upload stuff to the AUR (Arch User Repository) not to the Arch repository directly. It’s definitely there. You can use DesktopNova with every distribution you like as long as the libraries are accessible.

I checked-in the code into bzr branches and uploaded them to Launchpad. Have a look at the the code button on the top. ng-master is the master branch, but currently empty. ng-integration is the merge of all branches. All the other ng-* branches are my topic branches (one per subsystem) and their history will be rewritten before finishing my work. (All ng-* branches are coming from my git repo.) The history of my topic branches will be squashed into one commit per branch and rebased on the tip of the master branch. (I don’t like to write useful commit message in early development stages, so history is not quite useful either.) So you shouldn’t base your work on my topic branches without telling me before, so that I can merge your changes into my branch. Otherwise the commit onto which your work is based on will be lost ;)

You might simply modify the integration branch and I cherrypick your changes. The integration branch will not be rewritten before the new release is ready.

I was used to host most of the thing by myself, but I’m stuck at an UTMS internet connection and now I’m behind my ISP’s NAT. Maybe I register an account on GitHub. I could also host the git repository on Dropbox (via HTTP). This would be without write access, so GitHub seems better.

Be warned: The code is not ready for general use.


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Stefan Haller (haliner) said :

Here is the url to git repository hosted on GitHub. The comments for the branches are still appropriate.

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