Bug states and tag uses

Created by Peter Petrakis on on 2010-07-15
Last updated by:
Chris Xia on on 2012-10-09

This section describes how the bugs in the Dell Launchpad project are handled with regards to Status transitions.

Invalid - bugs that don't describe real problems.

New - bugs are automatically created with a Status of "New". Bugs opened by Canonical should never be left in this state.

Confirmed - bugs that have been verified. Bugs entered by Canonical should be automatically set to Confirmed.

Incomplete - bugs with inadequate descriptions ( i.e. lack of detail, steps-to-reproduce, relevent HW, etc... ).

WontFix - bugs outside of the scope of this project and/or bugs that cannot be fixed via FISH packages.

Triaged - bugs that have been analyzed and escalated to Ubuntu/HWE, IHV or ODM. Engineers will continue working on it after they provide feedback.

InProgress - bugs that are being actively worked on by a Canonical employee.

FixComitted - bugs where one or more FISH packages found in the pool, resolve the issue. The FISH packages should be
specified via URLs in a bug comment, and also added to the appropriate manifest file.

FixReleased - bugs verified by QA, via testing with a platform-specific BTO image, created from the FISH packages specified in the platform manifest file.