Best way to generically exclude cache directories

Asked by Aaron Whitehouse on 2010-01-28


I was reading Bug #306985 and Bug #306983 and it led me to ask two questions:
(1) Is the Mozilla Firefox cache directory already excluded by deja dup by default (I manually set it as an exclusion as it wasn't in the list)? How can I see which directories are already excluded (by virtue of being "XDG_CACHE_DIR" directories etc.)?
(2) What is the best way to get a program's cache directory excluded by deja dup? Is it to file a bug against that program and ask them to use this "XDG_CACHE_DIR" parameter?

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Best Michael Terry (mterry) said : #1

(1) No, not right now. You can see a list of currently-automatically-excluded directories by going to the help file for Deja Dup (Help->Contents->Preferences). Though, here's the current list:

# ~/.cache (really XDG_CACHE_DIR)
# ~/.thumbnails
# ~/.gvfs
# ~/.xsession-errors
# ~/.recently-used.xbel
# ~/.recent-applications.xbel
# ~/.Private
# /proc
# /tmp
# /sys

(2) Yes.

Thanks a lot. Is there somewhere that talks about how to do this, or more about it, so that I can point to it in a bug report for Firefox? Google seems to have failed me.

Thanks Michael Terry, that solved my question.


One of the other bug reports put me crook, it seems that the correct name is "XDG_CACHE_HOME", which is why I couldn't find much on Google. The specification is here: