I would like to know if Déjá Dup uses the process udisksd?

Asked by Gustavo Coutinho on 2020-11-01

I did my data backup using Déjá Dup and also my system backup using timeshift. I did not started both at the same time, first yours and when it finished, timeshift. Later (15 minutes) I notice the fan of my computer is working all the time and I decided to start system monitor. Then I notice that the process I mentioned (udisksd) was taking 25% of my processing resources. So, my question is, does your system uses udisksd? Also, does it run in background? If it run in background, is there a way it can tell the user it finished?

Gustavo Coutinho

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Best Michael Terry (mterry) said : #1

Deja Dup doesn't use udisks directly, but it does care about listening to when new storage disks appear, so it might use it indirectly through gvfs.

Deja Dup can run in the background, yes. If you enable automatic backups, a deja-dup-monitor user session daemon is started and runs in the background.

And with automatic backups, a deja-dup process will be started by deja-dup-monitor when a scheduled backup starts, and the user is notified when that process starts and ends through desktop notifications.

Does that answer your questions?

Gustavo Coutinho (gustavopsc) said : #2

Yes it does. Thank you very much for your prompt answer.

Take care and stay safe.