How do I also backup my deja Dup settings?

Asked by crjackson

I would like to back up my deja dup settings so that when I restore from a freshly installed OS I don't have to remember all of my deja-dup preferences (mostly I want it to use the same file/folder locations as before).

I have looked for a configuration or preferences/settings file but I can't locate it. Where does deja-dup store it's settings?



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Michael Terry (mterry) said :

It stores them in gconf, the standard GNOME configuration system. It keeps its files in ~/.gconf. So if you backed up your "Home Folder", you've already got the config.

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Kyle Gordon (kylegordon) said :

I have used grep -ir deja ~/.gconf/ to no avail. I've also run a search in gconf-editor for the phrase 'deja', also with no results. Can you be more precise in where this information is stored?

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Christoffer Kjølbæk (ostehamster) said :

find ~/.gconf -name '*deja*' gives ~/.gconf/apps/deja-dup on my system

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Michael Terry (mterry) said :

Kyle, they've moved since I originally replied to this question. Modern Deja Dup keeps the config in dconf, which stores its data here:

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Kyle Gordon (kylegordon) said :

Ahaaa! Magic, thank you. And there it all is, hiding in org.gnome.deja-dup courtesy of dconf-editor

I'll also make sure I keep a copy of ~/.config/dconf/ for use when recovering a system from scratch

Many thanks :-)


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sebastian-s (sebastian-s) said :

What is the rational behind the folder name ~/.config/dconf/ and not deja-dup?

What kind of file is the 'user' file and is it for dejadup only or are other program settings saved in it?

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Michael Terry (mterry) said :

There are other programs settings saved in it. dconf is the modern replacement for gconf. It stores all its data in a binary blob at ~/.config/dconf/user instead of many xml files like gconf.

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foxy123 (foxy) said :

I wonder if it is possible to move deja-dup settings from one account to another? I had to move my account from one home folder to another due to bugs after the upgrade. So I've got an old home folder from which I have moved most of my settings files (like Skype, Firefox etc) to a new home folder. I want to do it with Deja-Dup because otherwise it will start a fresh new backup which takes ages. I just want it to recognise the old backup files on the network and just update them. Anyway to do it?

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