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Hi Kruptein,

I've look the way for give you my feedback with some suggestion for Deditor, but I can't find it in Launchpad platform, sorry if this is not the appropiate way.

These are (I think) small graphics aspects that can provide a better "first look" to future users, as I said you before, I have never programed WX and maybe I'm wrong and these are great changes :S

* Remember the main window size when you close the application
* Change distribution of the elements . Now, when you open "configuration menu", the elements are alignments "up" and "left", maybe a center alignment show better the elements
* Some labels to indicate that the "input text" that now show "none" or the file name, is for that: show the file name :D
* Some little buttons beside the input text for save and open actions?

Thats are only suggestion ;-)

PD: If you need some help with Spanish translations for Deditor, let me know

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Kruptein (darragh-ssa) said :

First of all, thanks a lot of helping me :)

okay now for your questions:

1) Good one, I will include this in the release
2) I will try it out and choose what I think is the best :)
3) what do you mean with this exactly ? :D
4) I like the minimal design it currently uses, and I use keybindings constantly so I always hit CTRL+S to save :p but for users that don't use that often it might be good to add small buttons!

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Kruptein (darragh-ssa) said :

btw about the feedack :p

if you think something does not work like it should (like the font not saving) you should fill a bug,
if you think that deditor misses something (like the window size, aligning,..) you create a blueprint for each single item, this way it's easy to see what has been implemented and what has to be done,

if you have a general question about how something works for example, you can ask it here

I don't know how to implement translations actually :f do you know this perhaps?

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Manuel (mmartinortiz) said :

Ok :D

I've created a new bluprint explaining (well, showing an image) of points 3 and 4

I'm sorry but I've never had enought time to learn how to prepare the code for translations :-(, all my programs have only one lenguage. Often I remember that some day I have to learn how to do multilingual programs :D

Thanks for your patience :P