media/non-media option existence

Asked by Aleksandar Simic on 2008-11-05

I was wondering why you differentiated "media" from "non-media" folders? In my opinion much simpler to drag a whole folder into the playlist, and let the program itself pick playable files, than to append folders endlessly until you find what you need.

Thanks for this wonderful piece of software! :)

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François Ingelrest
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François Ingelrest (athropos) said : #1

Do you mean searching recursively for media files starting from any arbitrary folder? This would take ages and could end up by checking all the files on the disk.

Aleksandar Simic (mosi91) said : #2

I'll try to be clearer this time :)

Say you have a folder A, and inside are folder B and folder C. Folder B is media, however, folder C is non-media. Why should i have to first *open* folder A, only to reach B, and drag it to playlist. In my opinion, it would be more efficient do just drag folder A, and let the program decide which files it can play :)

Best François Ingelrest (athropos) said : #3

You have to open A because DAP doesn't know that there is a 'media folder' B until you open A. The tree is constructed as you open the nodes, and as I said in my first reply, exploring recursively directories would be overkill. Especially regardless of which folder the user will try to open (i.e., DAP can't know that at some point you will want to 'play' folder A, and not folder X, or Y,or Z...).

Aleksandar Simic (mosi91) said : #4

I see, thank you :)