Is the DDTP data imported into DDTP-Ubuntu and visa versa?

Asked by Thor K. H. on 2008-08-21

Recently there has been queries regarding translating of the DDTP in Norwegian.
However, as I feel that any work should be accessable by the community in general, I have my questions regarding the management of the DDTP in Ubuntu.

1) Is the DDTP imported / merged into Rosetta?

2) Are DDTP translations for Ubuntu merged back to DDTP?
(As far as I can tell, it isn't, but I don't know for sure.)

3) Would it be possible if 1 and / or 2 are false to improve this condition so that translations regarding packages in general could be more centralized? In my opinion, I feel that a big issue in OSS development is making info and data accessable to everyone. Ironic, but partly true when it comes to translations. Even though they're easy to get, they're not well shared so that everyone else can get advantages of one distro / projects work.

I personally think this is rather important, and something that should be looked upon.

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Pascal De Vuyst
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Thor K. H. (nitrolinken) said : #2

Oh my.

The current situation:

1) Most package translations are imported from into Rosetta, overwriting existing descriptions in rosetta.
   Package descriptions for Ubuntu-only packages remain intact.

2) Package descriptions from ddtp-ubuntu that have no translation in Debian are sent automatically to the Debian DDTP where they appear as suggestions and need review before they are accepted.

So it can happen that a package description you translated disappears in Rosetta for a while until it passes the Debian DDTP review and is imported again. And a package description in ddtp-ubuntu will be overwritten by a package description in Debian if both are done around the same time.

It is recommended to translate in the Debian DDTP for packages that exist in both debian and ubuntu until we have a working two way sync (there is already a bug reported for this:

Thor K. H. (nitrolinken) said : #4

Thanks Pascal De Vuyst, that solved my question.