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Asked by Brian Roberson on 2018-12-19

Machine is Windows 10 build 1809.

Experiencing a chronic problem that has made DC++ almost unusable. When launching, the program gets stuck at crunching "Shared files" for up to 20-25 minutes. Also while using the program - it will go out to lunch with the classic windows 10 circle and the program is unresponsive. We've rebuilt the machine and reinstalled, but the issue is the same. The data is stored on a Synology NAS connected via 1 GIG switch. The amount of data is 11-12TB. Any ideas where to start in order to tackle this issue?

Thanks very much.

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eMTee (realprogger) said : #1

You probably cannot do anything with the startup issue since DC++ is checking every file in your share before the main GUI starts. The second issue can also be because of an extreme large file hash database generated from the shared files.
These are typical issues with DC++ and I suggest trying out AirDC++ which is far more optimized to handle of share amounts of this magnitude.

Brian Roberson (shamu69) said : #2

Ah this is disappointing. The circle wheel doesn't seem "normal" as others in the various rooms don't report this issue with similar or much higher share volume. Also during this 20-30 minute startup, CPU/Network/Disk is nominal. Like really low. Nothing much appears to be happening at all. I agree with you - we will did AirDC++ but the interface isn't great compared to how you can easily exchange data with others in rooms. Thank you for the feedback. Wondering if there is anything else we can try.

eMTee (realprogger) said : #3

Well, I can go into technical details if you want but in a nutshell DC++ is not actively developed for some while - at least not feature wise. It's hashing code and database format is created in the early 2000's when a 100Gb share was considered pretty big. Moreover DC++'s code for file accessing (I/O) is using legacy APIs provided with older versions of Windows which is nowhere near optimal for accessing files through high speed networks.
DC++ also can behave weird (as what you describe 'classic windows 10 circle and the program is unresponsive') when there's a plenty of multi-segmented up/downloads happening at high speeds since the code is not optimized for this scenario.
AirDC++ is far ahead in these areas and while many parts of the program are far-flung from the original DC++ ways it is still based on DC++ and AFAIK it can be configured to work similarly to DC++ to be able to "easily exchange data".
They have a working support forum so asking there might give you useful answers.

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