DC++ slows down and then freezes my computer.

Asked by Bob on 2011-04-10

DC++ slows down and then freezes all the programs I have running and my computer. DC++ freezes too. I am in 1 hub and have 0 downloads. My cpu usage is not 100%

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Twilight2013 (twilight2013) said : #1

What is the DC++ version you are currently using & OS as in XP/Vista/W7?

Bob (thefancifulpostman) said : #2

I am using windows 7 and version .782

Dave R (djrsubscribe) said : #3

I have a similar problem. I upgraded about a week ago to .782 and ever since then DC++ is dragging my computer down.

I am running Windows 7, 64 bit with all updates.

Typycally within 3-15 minutes of starting DC++ in the "Processes" tab in Task Manager it shows that DC++ is chewing between 25 and 60% of CPU. Other processes are typically between 1 and 5 %. When I go to the "Perfomance" tab in Task Manager there are huge blocks of time where 100% CPU utilisation is occuring and you cannot do anything else on the computer till DC++ lets go for a minute or two.

Restarting DC++ (typically requires manually killing the process via Task Manager, coz it never closes properly.) is the only way to improve things but it comes back very quickly, once I restart DC++.

The previous version did not do this.

If I re-install the previous version will it recognise the existing download queue?

eMTee (realprogger) said : #4

>If I re-install the previous version will it recognise the existing download queue?

It depends on the old version you used before. If it was a recent version (0.75 or later) then you should not have problems with the queue if you use the same kind of downloadable version (installer or portable) as the current one.

Can you both tell us what was the last working version of DC++ (the one you upgraded from) ?

Also both of you please go through the linked FAQ about upgrading problems, mostly focusing to part #3

eMTee (realprogger) said : #5

eMTee suggests this article as an answer to your question:
FAQ #591: “My DC++ lags or uses 100% CPU. What can I do?”.

Andaya (andaya) said : #6

Hi, I Googled and found this topic as from now and then I suffer simlar problem since 2 months but only once a week or less.

When it happens DC++ v0.782 with process name DCPlusPlus.exe takes full core processing power (50% of total cpu power as I have a dual core cpu). DC++ becomes unresponsive (the rest of programs and windows work fine). The only thing to do is killing the process through Task Manager.

This happens on an uptodate Windows 7 32-bits and Windows 7 64-bits. This happens with MS Security Essentials as well as with Avast free edition. All these 4 escenarios took place on the same pc hardware.

As this didn't happen before (running v0.782 for a long time now), the only thing I can think of is some Windows Update that causes this. I don't find a clear related entry in Event Viewer (but I'm no expert on this).

Andaya (andaya) said : #7

Trying out some latest builds for several days, the 100% cpu thread usage didn't occur. For me, this bug can be archived.

Andaya (andaya) said : #8

Today I switched to rev_2683. I have run rev_2605 for almost 2 months and had one crash and 2 times 100% cpu usage but I'm not sure whether it was caused by DC++ client.

eMTee (realprogger) said : #9

Known problem, a fixed build will be up soon, until then revert to any r266x. Keep in mind that nightly builds aren't necessary all stable...

Andaya (andaya) said : #10

rev_2683 crashed continuously when I did a search on keywords and clicked Get filelist in rightclick menu on a result. So I got rev_2646 and this one is working great.

Can you help with this problem?

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