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Asked by courtartanis

Hey guys,

I am having the EXACT same problem as this guy here...only i use Windows 7.


Windows Firewall is off (unchecked and switched off)
I have;
- no software firewall
- tried in DMZ, with/without router firewall.
- tried manual port forwarding, passive mode and i'm currently running uPnP.
- "checked my connection" and open ports - it says the connection is OK (everytime i try something new).

I've read all the FAQs, (including #102 and #103 lol)
I tried with DC++ and i'm currently using ApexDC++, but I still have DC++ installed (latest versions).
I also tried with Coral Cache both Enabled and Disabled and the HTTP proxy field is blank. I am able to use Torrents and Limewire - to my knowledge my ISP doesn't severely throttle or block p2p traffic.

I guess a summary of the problem is - I cannot download ANY hublists (even though i have checked them in my browser and they download there) in my client it just says "downloading hublist...." Then nothing ever appears. I can connect to hubs manually but thats a pain in the ass, also when i do connect i dont see the userlist or chat for about 2 minutes. Sometimes i get the "connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" error - by ALL hubs i try.

I'm getting very frustrated so please help *cry* lol


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eMTee (realprogger) said :

First of all, you don't need to open ports etc... to be able to download hublists. They are got in the same way as your web browser gets the pages, by http.
What do you see in the 'Latest stable version' box if you open Help/About? (Version info shown there is also a http download)
If its an error message then http access of your DC++ is certainly blocked by something.

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courtartanis (c-sansbury) said :

Yeah, i have checked the About boxes...they are saying "connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" on both ApexDC++ and DC++.
I have no idea what else could be blocking HTTP access, my ISP website says they do not block any protocols or ports.

Also, i left my DC client running last night....eventually it downloaded a hublist after several hours (6+), i just tried to refresh 10 mins ago and now the same problem as before - white screen.

I am using manual port forwarding and the connection is "Ok" and "Open"

Any further suggestions?

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courtartanis (c-sansbury) said :

I 'm just about getting burned out with trying to fix this...tried Strong DC++ as well - nothing.
SOMETHING is blocking SOMETHING....lol i know that much, but i have no idea what, as i don't run firewalls.

I've read all the FAQs until my eyes caught fire. Knowing me i've missed something.
I'm gonna give it another couple of days, then pull the plug on DC++ altogether :(

But for the sake of this, i'll compose a checklist of the setup i have now and what ive tried.

1) I'm currently running uPnP - but have tried manual port forward
2) I have no software firewall and no windows firewall (Disabled and unchecked)
3) I have tried Coral cache enabled and disabled
4) StrongDC reports version number in "about" section (after a while) - DC and Apex still don't...
5) I have tried a few different hublists, the one i am trying now i can open in browser but not in client.
6) To my knowledge, my ISP do not block ports or protocols - they only throttle p2p during peak times (5pm - 10pm)
7) uTorrent and Limewire work fine.
8) Passive mode does not work either and i have used several utilities to check if my ports are open - they are.
9) It takes me AGES to manually connect to hubs using address, sometimes i receive a "connection forcibly closed by remote host" error.
10) Downstream speed in other applications is fine, i download at anywhere between 500kbps - 1mbps
11) I have tried with uTorrent or Limewire closed.

Nothing is working....But, anymore ideas would be gladly welcomed :)

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courtartanis (c-sansbury) said :

Ok...small update - DC++ works perfectly in the early hours i'd say between 2AM - 8AM....after that - it's back to square nothing.

I'm just wondering if ISP actually IS throttling DC++ traffic really bad.....what protocols does DC++ download traffic use - just HTTP?

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eMTee (realprogger) said :

This must be some local blocking to the entire traffic of the application. Check that you do not run any program monitoring or filtering network traffic. These include anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion protection, application control or content filtering, etc... software. If you do use some, make sure that DC++ is allowed in them.

>I'm just wondering if ISP actually IS throttling DC++ traffic really bad.....
That wouldn't include http. ISPs never throttle http so if your isp would throttle DC you still would be able to get hublists in no time.

>what protocols does DC++ download traffic use - just HTTP?
For download traffic (and hub-client/client-client communication) DC++ uses protocols unique to the DC network (they called NMDC & ADC). DC++ gets only hublists and version info through http.

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courtartanis (c-sansbury) said :

Yeah i know....i'm just taking shots here lol. The program was virtually unusable after 8am and fine before....i don't get it - i'm trying to look for things which would have that impact. Including all of the above programs you mentioned.

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poy (poy) said :

is your problem that you can only not download hub lists, but the rest (downloading files from other users etc) is working fine? in that case, you want to revise your habits, one is not supposed to be using hub lists that much, they are more meant for the initial discovery of hubs. once you have found good hubs, add them to your favorite hubs and you won't have to keep opening hub lists all the time.
besides, hub lists should be cached, no? why would you always want to refresh them?
also note that hub lists have a high tendancy of getting broken every now and then, and DC++ will sometimes say it's downloading one hub list when it actually isn't. so you really want to prefer using the favorite hubs path than relying on hub lists.

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courtartanis (c-sansbury) said :

Yes, i could download the hublist and save the hubs as favourites (which is what i always do)
Before 3am and after 8am i am unable to do anything. Sometimes I can connect to the hubs eventually, but cannot download/upload files or file lists.

The ONLY timeframe i am able to do ANYTHING worth while is between 3am and 8am daily.

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pete (petermacfie) said :

I am experiencing the same problem and am wondering if anyone can suggest anything else. I have tried all the suggested remedies and can access the hub lists using chrome.

I just checked and the list has come up now, but It took a long time!


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