I am using Vista or Windows 7 and can't find my downloaded files or settings. Where are they?

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Vista Windows 7 downloads missing
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Important : contents of this faq apply only to DC++ version 0.7091 and earlier. If you upgrade to 0.75 and later, this problem should gone. If not, simply reinstall DC++ using the installer (*.exe). For users of earlier versions, the easiest solution of this problem is an upgrade to version 0.75 or later (use the installer in this case as well).


Windows Vista and 7 have a new "feature" called Data Redirection which is a security feature provided by a driver for the file system and registry which will redirect writes targeted at certain protected locations, such as %ProgramFiles%, from its original location to the actual user’s profile. In other words it prevents write access of protected locations if a program running in user mode.

By default DC++ stores its downloads and settings in the program folder where it has been installed (usually C:\Program Files\DC++). If you use the default setting and run DC++ with different userlevels you may unable to find your downloaded files where you expect them.
On a default DC++ installation with default settings the downloads directory is:
"C:\Program Files\DC++\Downloads"
But in a situation described above it could point to the following virtual place:
"C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Virtual Store\Program Files\DC++\Downloads"

To avoid this try one of the following :
- run DC++ always as the same user/level (user or admin)
- move/install DC++ outside the 'Program files' folder
- set your downloads AND(!) unfinished downloads directory outside the 'Program files' folder (it can be set in Settings/Downloads panel in DC++). You may want to refer the built-in help topic for Unfinished Downloads folder setting as well. It mentions an easy way to reduce the possibility of running out of disk space during downloads.
- set a different folder for your settings, etc.. files and default downloads using the dcppboot.xml config file which can be found besides the DC++ executable.
- disable User Access Control (UAC). This will stop the Data Redirection service as well (not recommended).