How do I change the size of the chunks when downloading in DC++ 0.700 and newer? How can I disable segmented downloads?

Created by eMTee on on 2008-03-31
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Pseudonym on on 2008-05-25

DC++ version 0.700 - 0.705

Segmented downloading is hardcoded into these versions of DC++ and cannot be disabled. You can set the minimum segment size in Settings/Advanced/Experts Only/Min.segment size. You should specify the amount in kilobytes. Setting it to a higher value is useful when you download large files from few sources or if segments are slowing down your download speed as the connection is aborted after getting 1-2 MiB and then it starts up again. Setting this value too high may cause longer download times as it could prevent downloading files from all available sources.

DC++ 0.706 and newer versions

The size of the chunks is automatically computed depending on the connection speed and the remaining size of the download so segmented downloading won't affect the download speed even on very high speed connections. However, there is an option to completely disable segmented downloading in Settings / Advanced for those who still dislike this feature.