My DC++ is crashing. What should I check before reporting a bug?

Created by eMTee on on 2009-06-16
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eMTee on on 2012-02-12

If your DC++ keeps crashing, please check the following list of possible solutions before reporting a bug :

1. Make sure you are using the latest version of DC++. If you use the latest >stable< version then check the official DC++ home page if there is a newer unstable release available. If so then upgrade manually to the very latest version marked as >experimental< to see if it solves your problem. The official DC++ home page is :

2. Many software can be incompatible with DC++ especially system security/protecting (anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls) and file system indexing software (media indexers, desktop searching software, etc..) can fall into this category. Any software which monitors disk and network activity can be suspicous. If you use such, make sure you have the latest version of them. Try to disable or better uninstall them temporarily (in most of the security software you can disable their effect only with full uninstall even if they claim that their functions are disabled). Also try to disable any 3rd party Windows visual theme if you have any installed.

3. Many crashes caused by hardware or driver problems. You should suspect one of these problems if you get BSOD (blue screen or sudden restart of the computer) while using DC++. Common applications like DC++ >cannot< cause BSOD because of a bug in the program.
In case of either BSODs or simple crashes, make sure you have the latest available drivers installed from your (OEM) hardware vendors (focus to the chipset/system, storage, display and networking drivers as these are the source of driver related crashes in almost all cases). Also, please run basic memory and hard disk tests to ensure that they are 100% error free. In Windows Vista and newer you'll find a built-in memory testing possibility in the boot menu (keep pressing F8 at boot to reach it). If you use Windows XP then the recommended memory testing software is Memtest86+ ( ). When using any of the two test programs, let it run for several passes to be sure your memory modules are fully healthy.

4. If none of the above helped then please read the FAQ how to create a proper, useful crash report :
You can help us making DC++ more stable only with a detailed and useful report. Your effort is appreciated!