I'm out of ideas with my problem or I find too difficult / can't understand the solutions. Can I get help through a remote desktop session?

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Yes you can if one of the support volunteers are available.
The simplest way for this to use the commerical software called TeamViewer (free for personal use).
To request a session do the following:
1. Log on to the DC development hub. The hub address is : adcs://hub.dcbase.org:16591
2. Download TeamViewer QuickSupport, a portable program from https://download.teamviewer.com/download/TeamViewerQS.exe . It's easiest to save it right to your desktop.
3. Request a remote support in the development hub's main chat. If you already opened a support question here in Launchpad, then please link it with your request.
4. Wait until someone send you a private message. It may take a while, depending on when people who supports DC++ gets available.
5. If some of us answers your request then start the downloaded TeamViewerQS.exe and follow the instructions.

Note: TeamViewer is a well known, safe, popular software used by millions of people to access others' computers for help and support. It works the way that only the support person you are in touch with can get over your computer and _only_ during the contact period, no one ever will be able to do it without your consent, after you disconnected the session by simply closing the application.
However, still use TeamViewer at your own risk.