I found a bug in DC++. How can I report it? I have a feature request. How can I tell it to the developers?

Created by eMTee on on 2008-12-12
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eMTee on on 2013-02-10

If you found a bug or have an idea that you'd like to tell the developers then you can do so in our official Bug tracker for DC++ (Bugs menu in the top of this site). With thanks to beeing helpful to make DC++ better, we kindly ask you to read the following advices before you going to file a new entry for your bug or feature request (or if you want to post additional information into an existing entry):

- Make sure that you file a bug that exist in the latest publicly available released version of DC++. If there's a newer version available than the stable release (usually marked as 'Experimental' in the Downloads section of the official DC++ home page) then please upgrade to the very latest version and recheck your bug / feature request in it.

- Please supply as much details as possible including the version of DC++ used, operating system, etc. and the exact steps how to reproduce the bug in as much detail as you can.

- Do not report crashes with standard Runtime Error message without additional information. Those reports are useless. Instead, if you'd like to be helpful, please read the following FAQ and try to provide the detailed log about the crash : https://answers.launchpad.net/dcplusplus/+faq/337 Unless you can't provide the crash log or the exact steps to reproduce a crash developers won't be able to identify the problem so your report will be marked as incomplete.

- In many cases crashes are because of reasons unrelated to DC++; please go through this FAQ about possible reasons of crashes of this kind: https://answers.launchpad.net/dcplusplus/+faq/578 This may help you to figure out a possible cause of the problem and reduce the chance of an unnecessary report.

- Please do not report simply high CPU usage of DC++ as a bug without any additional information. Unless you do not run DC++ on an ancient PC this problem is mostly unrelated to DC++. Please read the following FAQ about possible reasons of high CPU usage and how to correctly report high CPU usage or freezing problems : https://answers.launchpad.net/dcplusplus/+faq/591

- Make sure the information you supply with your report does not contain anything that breaks your or others' privacy. This includes hub and IP addresses, nicks, file names as well as any information associated with possible copyright infringement. This kind of reports will be edited (if it's possible) or completly removed. When you post your report please keep in mind that the DC++ development team does NOT support any kind of piracy or any unlawful activity!

- If you unsure that the problem you found is a bug or not, please use the Answers tracker of DC++ first (the official discussion forum, Answers menu in the top of this site). Developers can decide that your report is really a bug or not - if it actually is then your post can easily be converted to a bug report.

- Create separate bug entries for EVERY bug and feature request even if you think they are related. Do so because even if they are related they might be solved differently and not necessarily by the same developer.

- Do not use the Bug tracker as a forum. Add only relevant, *usable* information, try to keep the bug entry clean from any personal comments or unrelated posts. The more exact the bug report the sooner and easier it can be resolved.

- Never bump a bug report!! It won't be solved any sooner if it's in the top of the list!

- If you want to discuss a bug or feature request or have any opinion about them, your comments are always welcomed; but please open a thread for discussion in the Answers section instead. This will make the bug tracker cleaner and free from possibly unrelated information.

Thank you for your helpful cooperation and understanding!