People aren't able to download certain files from me / Parts of my share keeps rehashing at every start of DC++ / I get "Full tree does not match TTH Root" or "TTH Inconsistency" messages and some of my downloads won't finish. What do I do?

Created by eMTee on on 2010-08-09
TTH root match inconsistency
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eMTee on on 2013-04-27

Probably your hash data files are corrupted so you should rebuild them. If you use DC++ 0.68 or later log on to a hub and type /rebuild command to the mainchat; this will attempt to fix the corruption and rebuild your hashdata. Wait until the following appears in the statusbar / system log: "Hash database rebuilt". The operation may take longer so be patient...

If the above doesn't help then close DC++ and find the DC++ settings folder (here's the FAQ for settings files' whereabouts: ). Delete the hash database (both hashindex.xml and hashdata.dat files) from the settings folder. As a side effect your share will be fully rehashed.