I am unable to download hublists. Solution?

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If you get errors like when you try to download or refresh hublists you may want to try the following :

1. Make sure other hublists are also not working. Try at least 3 other hublist by selecting from the dropdown list in Public Hubs window.

2. Try to add more hublist servers from here : http://www.dslreports.com/faq/8189 . Alternatively, if you use the latest version of DC++, you can delete all of your hublist servers so it will be filled with the default working ones.

3. If no hublist can be downloaded, and you also can't connect to any hub manually while your other programs are able to access the Internet then in most cases the reason is that a software firewall which is blocking DC++.
Check out this FAQ how to unblock DC++ : https://answers.launchpad.net/dcplusplus/+faq/103

4. If you still have problems with hublists and you are able to connect to hubs manually check "Settings/Downloads/Public Hubs List/HTTP Proxy for hublists" setting in DC++. If you don't use proxy server to access the Internet this field should be blank.

5. If you use DC++ version 0.704 or newer you may disable Coral cache which is used to get hublists by default. With Coral accessing hublists must be more reliable but some reliability problems reported from certain countries. To disable, go to Settings/Advanced and uncheck 'Use Coral network for HTTP downloads'.