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Asked by Spitfire

is it possible to compile this under arm ? thus using a rpi as a bouncer

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Spitfire (b13569b8) said :

tried it worked but i get stuck on connected for some reason

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poy (poy) said :

good to know it builds! :)

it's probably some configuration issue; i suggest you double-check. in particular, check for ADC vs NMDC. using a client that shows messages being received & sent (eg DC++ with the dev plugin) could help investigating.

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Spitfire (b13569b8) said :

# Configuration file for DCBouncer <>.

# Address (IP or domain name) of a client authorized to connect. Add multiple "AUTHORIZED=..."
# lines to specify multiple authorized addresses. If no authorized address is defined, anyone can
# connect.

# Certificate file containing a private key and a server certificate, to be used for secure
# connections. Linux servers often have one such file at "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.pem".
# If no file is specified, DCBouncer will generate one and store it at "../var/DCBouncer/cert.pem".

# Define one set of options for each hub you want to proxy. See the "README" file for information.
# Each profile must end with "OK".
# Note that the following are the only mandatory options; more are available.


is that correct for the config file

and from the client i should i adc://

x being the value although redacted :P

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poy (poy) said :

that seems ok... assuming you are connecting to <adc://>, here are a few things to check:
- ensure the 5200 port is open on the rpi;
- try with "adcs" instead of "adc" (DCBouncer should auto-detect but just in case);
- delete the cache directory (../var/DCBouncer/data);
- remove the "AUTHORIZED" line;
- from the rpi, ping the hub (to ensure it can access it);
- run the client with some diagnostics to see whether DCBouncer sends anything back.

good luck!