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Asked by zanin on 2008-07-11

Hello, dev's

I've seen a complain from primary developer (jussyp) about russian comments in cp1251 in cuneiform source code. I can translate them into English if you explain me how to submit results back.

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Best Jussi Pakkanen (jpakkane) said : #1

That would be great, thanks a lot.

I recommend that you read the Bazaar documentation here:

Basically you branch the code to your own computer. Then translate the files committing the changes every now and again. Then you create your own personal code branch in Launchpad and push your branch there. Then I'll merge your changes.

zanin (zani0005) said : #2

Thank you, JussyP. It'll take me some days to read this docs, but I hope, re-commenting files will help to make a linux port of these useful piece of software.

Jussi Pakkanen (jpakkane) said : #3

If you don't have prior experience with distributed revision control systems, there is an easier way.

First you get a copy of the source code

bzr branch lp:cuneiform-linux

Then you translate and save your work. After you have done some, go to the cuneiform-linux directory and type

bzr diff > translation.patch

Note that after this you must not make any more translations in your branch until the point I mention below (otherwise your work will be lost). Send me translation.patch file by email, and I'll apply it to trunk ASAP.

Once it has been applied, you can erase your local changes and update your branch.

bzr revert
bzr pull

Now you again have an up-to-date source tree. You can continue translating and again send your changes with bzr diff as described above.

Also, there are subdirectories called Addfiles and itigerole. There's no need to translate them, as they are not used.

zanin (zani0005) said : #4

I've already translated comments in ccom and ced directories.

next time I'll use diff and patch.

this time I just send result (see attached archive).

I've added postfix _trans to all initial filenames.

p.s. it seems, that direcotry ced contains only functions for export of
result to some useless formats such as .dib an .rtf directory ccom
contains win-only stuff. maybe it is better to liquidate these dirs at

Jussi Pakkanen (jpakkane) said : #5

I can't see any attached file. Could you send it to me by email instead.

zanin (zani0005) said : #6

> JussiP posted a new comment:
> I can't see any attached file. Could you send it to me by email
> instead.

actually, I did. seems strange that you did not receive it. sent again.