Startup-Programs folder in cubic environment

Asked by Joe Maier


Would ike to add some shell scripts to the Startup-Programs folder of the cubic environment
(in order to be started automatically during startup of the remastered system from USB).

Under Linux Mint this is: /home/mint/.config/autostart

What is the corresponding folder of a cubic environment?

Thank's a lot!


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Cubic PPA (cubic-wizard) said :

You are looking for the following folder:


Create a path named ".config/autostart/" under here, and add your script.

(Make sure your script is executable).

The "skel" directory is short for "Skeleton" because it is used as a skeleton or basis for new users.

Whenever a new user is created, the files in the /erc/skel directory are copied to the new user's home directory.

Note that the user "mint" is just a new user created by the live environment.

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Joe Maier (joe890) said :

Thanks for the help!

The shell scripts are present in .config/autostart of the remastered ISO (I copied them before in /erc/skel )
but they are not "executed" (like they are in a native Linux-System:(

11801748 4 -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 26 Mar 25 08:20

[content of]
setxkbmap ch

What I am doing wrong?


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Best Cubic PPA (cubic-wizard) said :

Files placed in /etc/skel are meant to be copied to the user's home directory.

For example...
...or for the Ubuntu Live Environment...
...or for the Linux Mint Live Environment...

You should put your autostart *.desktop file in...
    /etc/skel/.config/autostart (to be copied to the user's home directory)
...or in...
    /etc/xdg/autosrart (the global location for all users)

The autostart *.desktop file should ~invoke~ your script.
Because script should be in a standard place that the autostart *.desktop file can point to, I suggest placing your script in /opt.
Make sure your *.sh file is executable!

Take a look at this answer...

The autostart file has two formats. I'm not sure which format Linux Mint is using.

When you get to step 5 of this answer, pick the autostart format that matches the format used by the other files in /etc/xdg/autosrart.

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Joe Maier (joe890) said :

Thank you very much for your continued and detailed help! Everthing works now like a charme:)


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Joe Maier (joe890) said :

Thanks Cubic PPA, that solved my question.