What are the new features in the latest version of Cubic?

Asked by Cubic PPA on 2020-06-05

What are the new features in the latest version of Cubic?

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 * Summary of features in new version:

  - Added a new Compression page with ability to select between gzip,
    lz4, lzma, lzo, xz, and zstd compression algorithms.
  - Display progress in tenths of a percent on the Generate page.
  - New rectangular layout neatly fits 1024x768 screens while providing
    more information.
  - Now works on Wayland, in addition to X-Org.
  - Quicker page transitions for a more responsive "feel".
  - No longer require admin password to run Cubic.
  - Dynamic header bar exposes only page-specific actions and yields
    extra vertical space for pages.
  - Added an application menu with an About dialog, links to questions
    and answers, links to page-specific help, and a donations button.
  - Updated configuration file layout and project structure.
  - Added Migrate page to automatically convert existing Cubic Classic
    projects to the new version.
  - Added redo, undo, and refresh version number capability for the
    Project page.
  - Added error messages for each field on the Project page.
  - The original ISO is no longer required when updating existing
  - Added a Prepare page after the Terminal page.
  - Provide full isolation from the host system by using a container
    instead of chroot on the Terminal page.
  - Improved detection and automatic re-entry to the container when
  - Added Copy files button on Terminal page.
  - Use solarized colors on the Terminal page for better readability.
  - Use system configured mono-spaced font with Tango colors on the
    Preseed and Boot Configurations tabs for better readability.
  - Improved reliability when generating larger ISOs.
  - Improved error handling and messaging on all pages, including the
    Generate page.
  - Improved accuracy of the progress bars and reliability of the
    underlying processes.
  - Show extra progress steps on the Prepare and Generate pages.
  - Use icons from the user's current icon theme. Simplified switching
    icons between light and dark variants when the theme variant
  - Added open file buttons on the Migrate, Delete, and Finish pages.
  - Updated package dependencies for Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic and above.