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Asked by Raul Dipeas on 2019-01-22

Is there any way to run Cubic from command line, with a automated script to customize and generate the ISO?

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Raul Dipeas
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Cubic PPA (cubic-wizard) said : #1

Raul, sorry, no there is no command line interface to Cubic, as you described. The "cubic" command simply launches the GUI application and does not take any arguments.

Raul Dipeas (rauldipeas) said : #2

Thanks for the information, is there any way to automate the process?

Cubic PPA (cubic-wizard) said : #3


Do you have a script for customizing Ubuntu (like installing packages, backgrounds, UI changes, etc.)? Perhaps you already know this, but you can drag that script into the chroot environment, along with any required files, and execute the script to create the custom version of Ubuntu.

As far as the other stuff that is actually handled by Cubic, you would need to write a separate script to do that:

1. Extract the compressed file system from the original iso.
2. Create a chroot environment
3. Execute your own customization script (Copy files into the chroot environment and execute your customization script inside the chroot environment).
4. Compress your modified linux file system
5. Repackage the #4 into a new iso.

Cubic does 1,2, 4, and 5 for you. So you would need to perform these steps using your own script. (Step 3 up to you).

The issue with doing all the steps from a single script is that, if something goes wrong in step #3, then you have to re-do all other steps, which can be resource and time consuming. Cubic lets you easily go back to step #3 and make fixes/changes as often as you need. (Although I guess you could write a script that allows you to do that from the command line).

Raul Dipeas (rauldipeas) said : #4

I have my own script for customizations, I'm using this since I start with Cubic.

My question it's because I'm trying to use something like Travis CI or somethin like this to build the ISO for me.

Do You have any suggestion?

Cubic PPA (cubic-wizard) said : #5

Take a look at:

There is a lot of good info on this Wiki, so it should be helpful.

You could probably create a script using the commands listed.

Raul Dipeas (rauldipeas) said : #6

Thanks, I'll look into this.