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Asked by GhoS on 2010-01-03

Admittedly not that well versed in Linux, but I can't seem to get the .py files to run. They are checked as "run as executable" but nothing happens. I've checked and the !# etc is at the beginning of the file. I didn't install Gloobus Preview but nothing I could find says you have to have it installed. I can't get the command ./autogen.sh to work as I think I have it installed/compiled but nothing works.
Unfortunately this program isn't designed with Linux newbies in mind.

Thanks for your reply.

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  • 2010-01-09 by GhoS
Alexandr Grigorcea (cahr-gr) said : #1

covergloobus.py and covergloobus-config.py will not run without installation, they require some files that are generated during installation

to install try running from command line:
cd path/to/covergllobus/
./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

and then to run CoverGloobus run command


from where you like it ( command line or Alt+F2 )

GhoS (ghos64) said : #2

Thank you for the reply.
Ok here is what I get when I do that, so perhaps this helps.

wayne@wayne-desktop:~/covergloobus$ ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr
./autogen.sh: line 3: aclocal: command not found
./autogen.sh: line 4: autoconf: command not found
./autogen.sh: line 5: automake: command not found
Running configure with arguments -prefix=/usr
./autogen.sh: line 7: ./configure: No such file or directory

Alexandr Grigorcea (cahr-gr) said : #3

you need automake and autoconf installed
I suppose you are an ubuntu user
so run from command line:

sudo apt-get install build-essential

sudo apt-get install automake

then try again ./autogen.sh .....
more info here:

Alexandr Grigorcea (cahr-gr) said : #4

to install autoconf run:
sudo apt-get install autoconf

GhoS (ghos64) said : #5

Thanks Alexandr Grigorcea, that solved my question.

GhoS (ghos64) said : #6

Ah ha didn't realize I was missing all that. I am using a variation on Ubuntu - Linux Mint.
However on first run I had no problem getting into the config and making changes. However after changing the skin it froze, not only that after I quit it and ran it again it freezes my whole computer. It also has reverted back to the skin it starts with, but I can't do anything, the computer is frozen. The mouse works, but I can't click on anything. The keys don't seem to make anything work either. Its very strange.

So now the program is compiled, but it freezes my pc up when I run it.

GhoS (ghos64) said : #7

I just seen another post about the docky option creating a crash, I bet that is why since I had checked that. I'll check that post for a fix.

GhoS (ghos64) said : #8

Ok found the answer.