multiple artists album display multiple covers

Asked by pled on 2013-10-09

I have some (but not all !) multiple albums artists that display multiples covers in the display window.

An example is "8 Mile" album from Eminem : 16 tracks from different artists results in 12 album covers displayed : one stands for 4 songs, another for 2 songs, and all others for one song.
- I chekced audio tags, they look fine.
- I deletes all and add again into Rhythmbox : same result.

Another example is "A Bronx Tale" : 22 tracks, 20 covers dislpayed.
But as said, for some other albums with multiple artists, all is fine : one cover for one album as expected.

So is it a known issue ? any file to look at ? any action I should take ?
Thanks a lot anyway for that great plugin that Rhythmbox was missing...

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fossfreedom (fossfreedom) said : #1

This is covered by this issue:


We have done this deliberately to cope with albums titles that are the same for different artists. e.g. "Greatest Hits" is often a common title for an album that multiple artists have.

Thus, we have both the album-title and the album-artist fields as the unique identity.

For the case where you have a various artists album (each track is from different artists), you'll see that a track does NOT have an album-artist field filled i.e. its empty.

The suggestion here is to use "various artists" for the album-artist field.

To do this, CTRL+Click each track that belongs to the album so that you highlight all the tracks. Then right click and select properties. Look at the album-artist field. Add the text "various artists". You'll notice that in coverart-browser, all the album covers collapse under one album-cover.

Look here at the wiki -


search for "Right click to see and edit the properties for an album"

pled (pledisque) said : #2

Magic ! Thanks a lot for the quick answer and the explanation...