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Dear Admin.

Hi, My name is jimmy, I'm an embeded engineer in korea.
First of all, I appreciate you providing collectionista's libraries.

But, I have some problems about "Collectionista Sheet Music Extension"
in my eclipse environments.

For best demo of collectionista, I downloaded your lp:~pjv/collectionista/sheetmusic.
Also updated to ADT19 from old version.

I could not execute this project,
because there are some error codes in eclipse,
about Build Path Problem, Java Problem, Android AAPT Problem
in Collectionista Sheet Music Extension.
furthermore, Resource errors in res/layout are happened.

I use that Window7, JAVA SDK 1.6, Eclipse(Indigo), Android ADT r19 in my laptop.
How do I solve these problems? Please, recommend anything to me.
let me know whatever you want to more info.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

- jimmy.

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pjv (pjv) said :


I use ADT20-preview3 but I don't think that matters.

1. You need the trunk lp:collectionista (which contains the main app and
the collectionista-library both apps use), as well as
lp:~pjv/collectionista/sheetmusic (for the sheet music app that doesn't
have a launcher). Best is to use a shared repo folder and call them
"collectionista-main" and "collectionista-sheetmusic" respectively.

2. I also reference johannilsson's action bar project. I made some small
changes, and I'm not sure if I am still using a custom jar I generated
myself in stead of a project reference.

3. You need to reconfigure some directories, as well as check the build
path. Notably some elements in libs might be symlinked wrong. I believe
a few common jars in libs are also missing due to legal reasons (like
the ad jars). You can find them online.

4. You need to set a 1.6 compiler in Eclipse, otherwise you get errors
on @Overrides for interfaces and so on.

5. Again make sure the Android library projects are set correctly. Clean
and rebuild your entire workspace.

6. There are currently some issues with ADT20-preview3 where error
markers remain in the editors.

7. Because you are interested in the musescore client apis probably, you
should know that I decided to include them as custom jars. A general
collectionista client project is also on launchpad:
lp:~pjv/collectionista/general-api. The other musescore api library is
on github.

I realize this is a very elaborate readme, but Android library projects
are far from stable on Android. In fact I just had to change all this in
depth a month ago because I updated ADT. Depending on your experience, I
can smooth some rough edges and include a proper readme. So provide some

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