ClamAV gets downgraded when I install ClamTK

Asked by Scott Price

The version of ClamAV from apt-get is 0.95.1 and the latest version is 0.95.2. After installing the latest version from source, I installed CLamTK version 4.16 (.deb from, which then downgraded the ClamAV back to 0.95.1. Why doesn't the ClamTK deb file keep up with the latest ClamAV if it installs some of the files for ClamAV? Should I install the ClamTK first? I tried reinstalling ClamAV 0.95.2, but it still comes up 0.95.1 in ClamTK.

Any suggestions?


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Dave M (dave-nerd) said :

So you have both ClamAV's installed? 0.95.1 and 0.95.2? It may only be seeing one. What do you get when you type "clamscan -V" (no quotes) at the command line? If you have both installed, I would recommend using only one... a better solution may be to ask the Ubuntu ClamAV maintainer to release an updated version of ClamAV.

Also, ClamTk does not install anything for ClamAV. It is totally separate.

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Scott Price (scottpricepdx-gmail) said :

I'm pretty sure I removed 0.95.1 before installing 0.95.2. That's what the website said to do.

clamscan -V:

ClamAV 0.95.2/9450/Wed Jun 10 06:41:08 2009

The .deb file that I downloaded from (clamtk_4.16-1_all.deb) installed 3 ClamAV files:when I used GDebi Installer: clamav-base, libclamav, and freshclam, all version 0.95.1. There was a message saying that is was going to install the files first, with a "Details" button. I couldn't understand why they would put those files in the deb file, but they did -- hence my problem with ClamTK showing the earlier version .

When I used synaptic to install both programs at first, The terminal window kept repeating that both the GUI (4.08) and the Scan Engine (0.95.1) were both OUT OF DATE - DON'T PANIC. The website says that if you enable the backports, it will give the latest stable release. It doesn't. The webiste doesn't even have the 0.95.2 version in a deb file, only tar.gz.

Maybe I should just use the tar.gz for both?

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Best Dave M (dave-nerd) said :


I'm not having success duplicating what you're reporting. (I believe you - just that I can't see it for myself :) I was thinking that the ClamAV files you're referring to are dependencies to what ClamTk needs, but those should have already been installed when you initially installed ClamTk.

On my Debian box, I was able to upgrade just today to 0.95.2, which means it will soon be ported to Ubuntu. I won't be able to test anything for several more hours, but if you want to do away with the problem, a surefire way would be to remove the manually installed version and reinstall the .deb version of ClamAV. Then you'll be able to grab 0.95.2 when it is released. The disadvantage of manually installing ClamTk is that there is no makefile or anything with it... I made it "package"-friendly (ie., rpm, apt-get, etc), not necessarily easy to install by hand.

Or, email me and I'll be happy to keep trying to sort through this.

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Scott Price (scottpricepdx-gmail) said :

Thanks Dave M, that solved my question.

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Scott Price (scottpricepdx-gmail) said :

I just learned which button NOT to press FIRST after making comments...

Your help is much appreciated. I'm sure that probably my configure/make setup is lacking something. They both ran and seemed to have no errors at the end of each run, but that didn't show possible errors earlier on in the process(es), thus the need for the dependencies. I can't be sure, I don't know enough about the correct build-essentials -- yet. Please forgive my ignorance thinking that the dependencies were part of the deb package. Over 20 years of "Windows" thinking causes many brain-farts, which hopefully -- with perseverance -- can be overcome.

I will stick with the deb-packages for now, until I can get better educated in source-compilation (know any good sites?). It is leaps and bounds more difficult learning the second OS (at least for me). The only place I'm worried about viruses right now is my Windows files, anyway (dual boot).

Thanks again.