How to scan just part of the system?

Asked by Christoffer Ahlfors

The scheduler says it scans just the home directory. This is not true. It gets stuck forever when scanning the Timeshift (backup) directories and never completes. A new scan is launched the day after. After a few days, the system is totally bogged down by parallell scans and has to be restarted, unless I manage to pkill clamscan in time.
Whitelisting the Timeshift directories has no effect.

I am using V6.02-1 under Linux Mint (from its repository).

Is this proper behavior? Should I do something different?


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Dave M (dave-nerd) said :


No, that doesn't sound like proper behavior. Please try this:

1. Open a terminal window
2. Type "clamtk" (no quotes)
3. Run a scan like your post that is causing issues
4. Take note of anything that shows up in the terminal window

What is the full path to your Timeshift directory? How sure are you that Timeshift is what's causing the problem?

Dave M

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Christoffer Ahlfors (hagar-the-horrible) said :

The scheduler only allows entering a time - not a directory - so I really don't know what it scans. Presumably the entire system, but that is not possible to select manually.

The reason I mention Timeshift is that the problems started when I upgraded the system and installed Timeshift. The directories are /timeshift and /run/timeshift respectively. They contain a backup of the entire system. The logs contain entries from both, despite that the scheduler says it scans (only) the home directory and that I have added these two directories in the whitelist (it doesn't make sense to scan the backup). Manually scanning the home directory takes about 45 mins. I used your suggested method above. There were no error messages. The scheduled scans don't complete in two days. I have to interrupt them to use the system.


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Dave M (dave-nerd) said :

Hi Christoffer,

Please try this: go into the Scheduler, remove the scheduled scan, and then re-add it. There were some changes a while back, so maybe the problem is in that.

Dave M

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Christoffer Ahlfors (hagar-the-horrible) said :

Oh, I did not know it was possible to remove the scan! I have been looking for that, but just found how to do it now.
Removing and re-adding did the trick! The log now shows that the scan completed in reasonable time.

Thank you!