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Asked by Cher Kessen

I just installed ClamTK on a laptop, details as follows:

ClamTK 6.02
Pop!O_OS 20.04 LTS (64-bit) (System76 Ubuntu variant)
GNOME 3.36.3

All seems well, except the following items on the GUI window:

- Configuration/Scheduler is missing
- Updates/Update Assistant does not allow any changes. "I would like to update signatures myself" is preselected and "My computer automatically receives updates" is dimmed and cannot be selected.

So it seems I can only do manual scans.

I installed ClamTK using the System76 Pop!_Shop utility.

How do I perform scans on a predetermined schedule (without a cron script)? Does ClamTK do real-time (i.e. continuous) scanning?

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Dave M (dave-nerd) said :


The Scheduler icon is missing? As in, doesn't show up at all in the interface?

You should definitely be able to switch update preferences as well.

The only thing I can recommend - not having any experience with PopOS - is to install 6.07 from the site:


There are debs you can download and double-click to install/upgrade, and I digitally signed those.

With the (working) Scheduler, you can schedule a daily scan. There is no continuous scanning, as there is/was no cross-distro module capable of providing it. We'd also have to think about how that would work - just in the Downloads directory, or everywhere?

Anyway, look forward to hearing back.

Dave M

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Cher Kessen (kesscher) said :

Hi Dave:
Thank you for the prompt reply.

Yes, correct that there is no Scheduler icon in the top level "Virus Scanner" window (GUI interface). I know about it from surfing other web pages, looking for an answer, before contacting this page.

Re Update Assistant, the button for it exists on the GUI interface. I neglected to mention that when I select it, the resulting window states at the top: "This Flatpack does not support using the host system's ClamAV database". Below that message are two buttons, both of which are grayed out, and with the second one, "I would like to update signatures myself" preselected. Flatpack is the equivalent of a package, I assume. I also don't have much experience with Pop!_OS or Ubuntu. I've used Fedora a fair bit. I'm a Machead but decided to switch to Linux after Apple completely ruined the original, beautiful macos interface.

Pop!_OS is just a customized version of Ubuntu that System76 installs on their laptops and Desktops.

I hope this answers your questions and helps with any fixes that might be appropriate. My plan is to follow your advice and install ClamTK 6.07 from the deb file you indicated. Hope it works.


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Cher Kessen (kesscher) said :

Hi Dave:

Just did a reinstall from the .deb file at the gitlab page you referred to. (First uninstalled the previous one from Pop!_Shop.)

Works! Both the Scheduler button is present and apparently works and the Update Assistant is working. So seems like the Pop!_Shop installer doesn't account for all dependencies. Good to know.

Thanks for the hint.

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Dave M (dave-nerd) said :


Glad to hear it's working now.

Let me know if there are any other questions.

Dave M