how to install and configure cinder-volume in a different computer system

Asked by Kenneth Zhang on 2013-04-09

I have a openstack Folsom with a controller node and several compute nodes. Currently all cinder services and iscsi target are on the controller node. The question is how I can move the cinder-volume and iscsi target to a different system for easier storage expansion.

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Khanh Nguyen
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Best Khanh Nguyen (ndquockhanh) said :

just install cinder-services on another node

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Kenneth Zhang (kenneth-zhang) said :

In addition to installing cinder services, a number of configurations should be done:
- delete keystone endpoint for old cinder node from database
- create keystone endpoint for the new cinder node, with its own IP address, in database
- edit /etc/cinder/api-pase.ini: use cinder node IP address for 'service_host'
- edit /etc/cinder/cinder.conf: use cinder node iscsi target IP address for 'iscsi_ip_address'; use controller node IP address for 'rabbit_host'

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Kenneth Zhang (kenneth-zhang) said :

Thanks Khanh Nguyen, that solved my question.

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Shanthakumar K (shantha-kumar) said :

I have multi node O~S with ubuntu12.04 64b

Kindly clarify me, If I move out cinder component alone to another node. what are the things needs to be taken care ?

I have working setup of single node cinder and configured second node with "cinder-volume" alone and trying to use the cinder service, when I am running out of volumes in one node or want to use some other volume types.

Node 1: All the O~S componets
Node 2 : Cinder volume alone

I could list the cinder hosts by "cinder-manager host list command" but i when i fire the command to create the volume its unable to find the host

 ERROR [cinder.scheduler.manager] Failed to schedule_create_volume: No valid host was found.

Kindly help me on this.

Do I need to add any configuration in the cinder node and do I need all the cinder services like api , scheduler also in second also though I serving the req from only controller node?

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Shanthakumar K (shantha-kumar) said :

For your information : I want to have cinder services running on both the nodes and serve the request for both the nodes.

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Cristian Tomoiaga (ctomoiaga) said :

If you want to be able to server one nova-compute node (one server hosting VMs) with multiple storage systems (servers holding VM data, exposed through iSCSI to the compute node) then you may be interested in:

You need cinder-volume on the second node (where I understand you want to create VM virtual disks) that should be able to connect to the cinder endpoint (the cinder endpoint is on your first node as far as I understand).

Do you actually need local storage, a mix between local and iscsi or only iscsi ?

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Shanthakumar K (shantha-kumar) said :

Thanks for your resposne.

We have configured the cinder multi backend and its working fine.

As part of new requirement, we need have 2 cinder node, where we can expand the storage.

I'm looking for mix of local & iscsi.