Privacy in Chromium vs. Chrome vs. Iron

Asked by zerwas on 2009-11-24

As i have heard by many people now that they would use Chrome/Chromium if it wouldn't have so many privacy issues, i would like to ask which issues are real and what is simply FUD. Regarding privacy: Are the PPA packages any different from compiling Chromium on my own?

According to the website of SRware Iron, there are many things to be bothered about, but which one is also a problem for chromium?

 Does this still exist in Google Chrome? In Chromium i couldn't find this ID.

Timestamp: ?

 Can be disabled easily in Chrome and Chromium in the options

Alternate Error Pages:
 Can be disabled easily in Chrome and Chromium in the options

Error Reporting: ?

RLZ Tracking: Only used in Chrome (can be disabled), not used in Chromium

Google Updater:
 Not available

URL Tracker: ?

 Can be installed easily (not built-in, yes)

User agent:
 Can be edited manually

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Regarding Iron:

I don't even know what "Timestamp" and "URL Tracker" refer to in your list.

Here is the best list we have of the differences between Chrome and Chromium:

Perhaps "URL Tracker" refers to the GoogleURLTracker class? That is used at startup to determine whether to use or your local country's Google domain (like or whatever).

Since Chrome is open source, you can read what it does here:

Simon Bohlin (simon-bohlin) said : #4

URL Tracker is what Evan said, and further is claimed to be active only when Google Search is chosen as default search provider, as is explained here:

zerwas (zerwas) said : #5

Thanks Evan Martin, that solved my question.