Why did you drop PPA support for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?

Asked by aldicek

Hello folks!

Why and when did you drop PPA support for Ubuntu 12.04 / Linux Mint Maya LTS?
After I reset my system last week, where I had installed CDemu one year ago (don't remember how, but I'm almost sure, I did it via PPA), I had to realize, that it doesn' t work that way further because of the lack of support for the recent LTS versions of Ubuntu and Mint.
I have to add that I was very happy about your software that really eased my work. And I know, there was a working version for me. About the packages of the version 2.1.1 I created yesterday and installed in a virtual box of an up-to-date Linux Mint Debian Edition, I'm not so sure. I was able indeed to create the packages and to install them but not to got them to work in any aspect (client wasn't able to connect to daemon, daemon stopped itself after starting via CLI with error message).


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Henrik S. (henrik-hw0) said :

Older versions of Ubuntu have never been "supported". There's no help, no bug fixes and no backports whatsoever. To avoid giving the impression that there is support for older versions of Ubuntu those packages were removed.

In retrospect, removing the packages for the latest LTS might have been a bit excessive. The debian packaging scripts targets the latest version of Ubuntu which uses debhelper 9, so those won't work out of the box on Ubuntu 12.04 which uses debhelper 8.

Some modifications in the debian directory is in order to make packages for that Ubuntu. Mainly change debian/compat from 9 to 8. Also have a look in the *.install files and change the text "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/" to "/usr/lib/".

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Henrik S. (henrik-hw0) said :

Typo. That should be "/usr/lib/*/" to "/usr/lib/"

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aldicek (aldicek) said :

Hello again, Henrik!

I did how you recommended, changed all debian/compat files back to 8, hopefully found all places in the *.install files where to replace "/usr/lib/*/" with "/usr/lib/" and did the complete "dpkg-buildpackage -b -tc" with every bit and installed the packages afterwards in order
libMirage dev
libMirage doc
but after a system restart(1) it still didn't work. "Can not connect to daemon" usually means that the daemon is not running. How can I find out, what killed the daemon respectively did the daemon start at least?
One last question: Which version of CDemu was designated for Ubuntu 12.04 and therefore has the best chances to work after creation and installing out of the box?

(1) Is there a way to avoid a complete system restart after installing something like VHBA? (I tried ldconfig, but that wasn't helpful in that matter.)


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Henrik S. (henrik-hw0) said :

I just noticed debhelper was updated for 12.04. So it turns out the changes I suggested probably wasn't necessary.

First you'll have to check that VHBA is running, and with the correct permissions.

lsmod | grep -i vhba

should read:

ls -l /dev/vhba_ctl

should read:
crw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 10, 53 okt. 1 00:57 /dev/vhba_ctl

next daemon...

ps -C cdemu-daemon

should read:

ls -l /usr/bin/cdemu-daemon

should read:
-rwxr-sr-x 1 root cdrom 86032 sep. 19 14:35 /usr/bin/cdemu-daemon

If both are running you probably have some kind of a configuration issue.

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shankao (shankao) said :

Just a note here. For what I know, the LTS is only binding for packages in Ubuntu main, not for independent PPA's

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