Asked by holyjoe on 2012-05-24

Will cardapio support cinnamon?

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Thiago Teixeira (tvst) said : #1

That would be great, but I will have to look into Cinnamon's plugin system before I can give you a better reply.

Also, if anyone is willing to help out, that would be great :)

Steve Benchik (jellofello112) said : #2

Here's some basic documentation on making Cinnamon applets:
Seems easy enough, yo just need to kn ow some JavaScript.

i just found this it may help(haven't yet tried it)

Thiago Teixeira (tvst) said : #4

Looking at the Cinnamon documentation linked above, it seems to me that the code in the pastebin should work.

But right now I'm looking at adapting Cardapio's gnomeshell applet code into Cinnamon in a nicer way. Doesn't seem too hard.

Steve Benchik (jellofello112) said : #5

I would adapt the pastebin code to make Cardapio a TextIcon applet, for consistency with other versions.

Thiago Teixeira (tvst) said : #6

Yep, that's what I tried to do, but I couldn't get it to work. Actually, I couldn't get even the code in the tutorial linked above to work :-/

You can find my latest attempt here:

i just got your code to run on cinnamon 1.4.

i had to add
const Cinnamon =;

somewhere at the top of the applet.js


this.container = new Cinnamon.GenericContainer();

right before the "this._cardapioServiceLoaded();" call

this got rid of the ths.container is undefined error

Thiago Teixeira (tvst) said : #8

Awesome, I will try that in a bit!

Luke (tiliqua-au) said : #9

That worked for me but Cardapio shows at the top of the screen with search text box at the top (as if clicked from a top panel), but my panel is at the bottom. I quickly hacked Thiago's code and added the signature for show_near_mouse and replaced the call to show_hide_near_pointRemote(x, y, false, false) with show_hide_near_mouseRemote(). It's a kludge but at least I have Cardapio goodness in Mint :)

--- .<email address hidden>/applet.js.orig 2012-07-01 08:30:52.095684700 +1000
+++ .<email address hidden>/applet.js 2012-07-01 08:11:43.511655294 +1000
@@ -25,0 +26 @@
+const Cinnamon =;
@@ -54,0 +56,4 @@
+ name: 'show_hide_near_mouse',
+ inSignature: '',
+ outSignature: '',
+ }, {
@@ -92,0 +98 @@
+ this.container = new Cinnamon.GenericContainer();
@@ -171 +177,2 @@
- this._cardapio.show_hide_near_pointRemote(x, y, false, false);
+ //this._cardapio.show_hide_near_pointRemote(x, y, false, false);
+ this._cardapio.show_hide_near_mouseRemote();

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