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Asked by FokkerCharlie on 2010-11-28

I recently installed Cardapio as a potential replacement for my main menu, and attached to the panel, it works well. However, I also installed the 'cardapio-docky- package from the unstable ppa, in the hope of getting it to work with Docky.

Unfortunately, this hasn't worked out. I open Docky settings, and there is no Cardapio helper in the list. I can get other helpers / docklets to work just fine.

Have I missed something? Or should I file a bug?

Thanks in advance.

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Paweł Bara (keirangtp) said : #1

Run this command from a terminal: "ls /usr/share/dockmanager/scripts/". Do you see a here? Are there more .py files in the folder?

Also, in Docky's settings, go to the Helpers tab and change the selection from "Usable" to "All" there. Do you see Cardapio's helper now?

Hi Pawel

Thanks for your response, and your excellent work with cardapio.

I see in the scripts folder you mention, and no other files in there.

I've had a rummage around, and it looks like the other helpers are in /usr/share/docky/helpers. So I copied the file to that folder, and I can now see it in the 'Helpers' list. I can enable it, but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

Incidentally, I don't have a 'useable' option for the helpers, only 'All', 'Enabled' and 'Disabled'.

Any other thoughts?


OK, I don't know if this is any help to you (or me!), but a bit of terminal output:

$ docky --debug | grep cardapio
[Info 03:17:00.778] [Helper] Starting
[Info 03:17:00.794] [HelperService] Helper added: /usr/share/docky/helpers/
[Info 03:17:00.809] [Helper] has exited (Code 0).


Paweł Bara (keirangtp) said : #4

What Docky's version are you using? You can check it by right clicking the anchor icon, and there's the "About program" option.

I'm beginning to think that you are using a very old version, when there were no DockManager yet and the 'Useable' option was not present yet.

Paweł Bara (keirangtp) said : #5

Also, please run this from the terminal: "gconftool -g /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/DockyItem/DockyItemCommand" and paste here your output.

I have been running ver 2.0.7 from the Ubuntu repos.

Upgrading using the docky ppa to ver 2.1.0 fixed the issue.

Many thanks again.


Paweł Bara (keirangtp) said : #7

No problem! I updated the FAQ about installing Docky's integration. It now describes the new way of doing things (helper and not the old "show-near-mouse" hack). Also, it mentions that you need the latest Docky to be able to use the integration. :)