Browsing subfolders

Created by Thiago Teixeira on on 2010-08-05
Last updated by:
Thiago Teixeira on on 2011-03-24

A new feature in Cardapio is that you can browse inside subfolders using the slash key ( / ) or by right-clicking on a file or folder and choosing "Peek inside folder".




Here's an example of how it works:

1) Open Cardapio

2) Type "home" (or any part of the word "Home", until your home folder is the top result)

3) Press slash ( / ) to "peek inside" that folder.

You'll see a list of files and folders that are inside "Home"! This list is truncated at 15 results to make sure Cardapio still performs well for large directories, but this number is changeable in the config file.

4) Type "music" to put the "Music" folder as the top result

5) Press slash to "peek" again

And so on.

To go back, you can either delete some text with the usual keyboard commands (backspace, select+delete, etc) or just press Escape. For instance,

6) Press "Escape"

This will take you back to "Home"