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Asked by Timo Kluck

My account is I recently changed my e-mail address; this is, I added a new one and deleted the old one. This works for all bug-related e-mails.

Next time I tried to login, I couldn't do that with my new e-mail, and I tried to recover my password using my old (gmail) address. Somehow, this has created the following new account: I accidentally used this account for several bug subscriptions and comments without noticing the difference.

Could an administrator merge these two accounts and make sure that I can login to launchpad with my new e-mail address? Thank you in advance. Let me know if you need any more info or credentials before being able to do so.

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Selene ToyKeeper
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Best Selene ToyKeeper (toykeeper) said :

You can actually do this yourself, though it may not be easy to find.

First, log in to the account you want to keep.

Then go to this URL:

Follow the instructions on screen, and you should be able to merge your Launchpad accounts.

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Timo Kluck (tkluck) said :

Thanks for helping!

I'm not entirely there yet, because I cannot log into my old account. I do get all the e-mails from it, but it doesn't recognize my password and I do not get the e-mail with the verification code from the password recovery service.

Is this something you can help me with? Afterwards, I can do the account merge the way you indicated. Thanks again.

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Selene ToyKeeper (toykeeper) said :

A few people at gmail have been having difficulty getting password-recovery email, and the issue is currently being investigated. Do you think you might be able to help test a bit? I'll either need someone to request a password reset while an admin is watching the logs, or if you tell me the address which isn't working I could request the reset myself once I've got a sysadmin looking. Then hopefully we can determine what's failing, and fix it.

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Timo Kluck (tkluck) said :

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you; I've been on holiday.

I would be happy to help. The account that I'm not getting a recovery e-mail for, is

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Timo Kluck (tkluck) said :

I found out what was wrong: I had changed my e-mail address in Launchpad, but not in the Launchpad SSO service. This explains why I didn't get password recovery e-mails for my new address.

Marking this as "problem solved", but let me know if you still need help with the password recovery problem you mention.

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Selene ToyKeeper (toykeeper) said :

I'm glad your account is working again!

If you have a SSO account which doesn't receive the password-reset messages, it would be useful to have the address for testing. But if it's all working for you now, I'll keep looking for someone who is able to help.

All I need is an affected email address and the approximate date/time less then a week old that a password-reset message was requested. This should be enough to locate the issue in the server logs, assuming the receiving end is rejecting the message in transit.

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Timo Kluck (tkluck) said :

Thank you Selene for helping me restore my accounts and merging them. I didn't even need the password recovery eventually.

I just checked to see if password recovery works for me. It does, so I can't help you test right now. I hope you'll find someone else to do that.

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Timo Kluck (tkluck) said :

Thanks Selene Scriven, that solved my question.