Please delete my second email address‏

Asked by Enry W

Please delete my second confirmed address, the one which starts with an S.
I removed it in my account but it stills shows in login details.
Thank you

P.s. Why not change the system so that users themselves can change/remove their email addresses for good? ;-)

Edit July 15, 2010: As of today I couldn't have the second email address removed, nor could I delete it myself.

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Steve McInerney
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Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said :

Your account and login details are not Launchpad. They are Ubuntu's Single Sign On Server, which provides the data for You can visit to delete email addresses from your master list of addresses.

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Enry W (puw2012) said :

I added my second email address in Launchpad, in the "Launchpad Login Service" web page, so I guess that's Launchpad!

My second email address still shows up in the "Launchpad Login Service" web page
where I can only add new addresses or swap the "preferred email", not remove an email address.

Anyway, I tried to follow your suggestion. I visited but I can't remove my second email address from there either; I only can add new email addresses or change preferred the email setting.

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Enry W (puw2012) said :

I received a private email from Curtis Hovey linking to bug #596600 in Canonical SSO provider, "cannot delete an email address".

I don't know why he wrote a private email and not here in Answers.

Should I thus assume that

1. his first reply here ("login details are not Launchpad" but login email addresses can be deleted by visiting ) was wrong?

2. Launchpad login email addresses can not be permanently deleted, ever, never?
If it's so, please warn users when they add a new email address, let them know it is "forever"!

3. This has been acknowledged as a "bug" and will hopefully be fixed?

But then, why deleting a second email address was entirely possible on 2010-04-20?

Another admin replied to an identical question:

"...let me know which email address you would like removed."

and then

"...this has been done."

Please admins clarify.

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Stuart Metcalfe (stuartmetcalfe) said :

1 & 2. Confirmed email addresses cannot currently be deleted from by a user. It is possible to delete them from the database but this needs to be done by one of our sysadmins.

3. It is a known issue and you can track it here: . We aim to include this feature in our next release which is expected towards the end of July.

I'm informed our sysadmins of your request so hopefully they'll be on it quickly.


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Enry W (puw2012) said :

Thank you very much for clarifying the issue and for informing your sysadmins.
I will change the status of this question to "solved" as soon as the email address is removed.

Let me add my 2 cents: I fully understand there may be technical issues involved in complex database handling, but I believe that an online service has a legal obligation to completely remove users' personal data, such as email addresses, when requested to do so.


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Enry W (puw2012) said :

As of today July 15th, the second email address has not been removed yet by the admins, neither can I delete it by myself in or in

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Best Steve McInerney (spm) said :

Hi Enry, sorry for the delay.
That email address, starting with 's', has been removed.

- Steve

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Enry W (puw2012) said :

Thanks Steve McInerney, that solved my question.