Can I Cut Off My "Parent Branch"?

Asked by Jonathan Anderson on 2007-06-20

I have a branch on Server A that is not going to be kept up to date any more. I also have a branch on Server B, which *will* be kept up to date. Right now, Server A is shown as the parent branch of Server B.

Since I'm going to be toasting the copy on Server A, is there a way to have Server B's branch "cut the ties" with Server A and be its own, independent branch? 'unbind' isn't what I'm looking for...

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John A Meinel (jameinel) said : #1

bzr pull --remember new_parent
bzr merge --remember new_parent
bzr bundle --remember new_parent

All of these accept a possible remote branch, and will take --remember to set it as the current 'parent'.

Yup, that works for the local branches, but it's my remote branch that I'm concerned with.

My branch on Server B (which is the new parent of my local branches) shows Server A as *its* parent branch... can I do something like "bzr pull --remember ."? Will I lose anything?

Vincent Ladeuil (vila) said : #3

If you never work in the working tree on Server B, just forget about the problem.

Otherwise, on Server B, use one of the alternatives mentionnd by John above.

Finally, if Server B is really your new 'reference' branch and has no parent anymore, just delete the ./bzr/branch/parent file.

Well, there is no .bzr/branch/parent file, but I deleted .bzr/branch/branch.conf (the only entry in it was "parent branch=the/old/branch"), and it seems to work!