Is it possible to report the absolute path of files in "bzr status"?

Asked by Vincent Begaut on 2007-06-01

Here is my current situation (on Windows, i.e with its poor command-line integration in mind):

The command "bzr status" prints files with their path relative to the root of my branch.
It is not really convenient when I want to act on a specific file, from a subdirectory of that branch:
I need to guess the real file's path (absolute, or relative from my subdirectory).

I see no option or command today to do this:
Basically, I would like an option (e.g "bzr status --abs-path") to display the files with their absolute path (or relative path from current working directory, as another option).
This would greatly help my copy/paste experience when I want to add one file to my branch, for instance, without having to do this from my branch's root, or manually appending the branch's root to the path.

Does such a thing exists today? Or planned in a coming release? (I could not find any).
If not, how may I request such a feature? It would feel more comfortable, without breaking any existing feature of Bazaar.


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John A Meinel (jameinel) said : #1

There is a bug open on this

I don't believe there is a current plan to do either, though you certainly can propose it.

Another command you might be interested in is "bzr root", which gives you the absolute path to the root of the tree. So doing:

`bzr root` + "/" + <path you saw>

will always work. Not that this is a "good" solution, but it is something that does work.

Best Vincent Begaut (dr-virago) said : #2

I did not see "bug" #30159, which summarizes exactly what I meant.