How can I create a container directory?

Asked by Brandon Williams

My Launchpad project currently has one branch, which is the mainline development branch.


I want to be able to store branches for stable releases in a subdirectory of tunnelmanager, as in:


I can't figure out how to get bazaar and/or launchpad to allow me to create branches under the non-existent releases subdirectory. I have tried branching from devel and then pushing to the desired directory structure:

$ bzr branch -r13 lp:tunnelmanager tunnelmanager-0.2.1
$ cd tunnelmanager-0.2.1
$ bzr push bzr+ssh://<email address hidden>/%7Eopensource-subakutty/tunnelmanager/releases/0.2.1
bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "/~opensource-subakutty/tunnelmanager/releases/0.2.1"

I have tried the same, but with the addition of the --create-prefix option. The result is identical.

I have tried to register an empty branch in launchpad with the desired directory structure, but there is no way to do so.

The bazaar user documentation and the SharedRepositoryLayouts page on the wiki both indicate that it is possible to create such a directory hierarchy. I read the answers to Question #43442, but they only refer to creating such a directory location locally. I can't find an explanation of how to get this directory layout on the launchpad server.

Is there something simple that I'm just missing here?

PS: I have cross-posted this question to Launchpad itself, since I can't create such a branch using the Launchpad interface either.

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Brandon Williams (opensource-subakutty) said :

The response to my Launchpad question #56165 is that Launchpad does not support the required functionality. Whether or not bazaar supports it, I still won't be able to do it.

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Kevin D. Robbins (robbins-kevin-d) said :

I'd like to know how to create such a container directory with bazaar, since it is described in Section 10.2.5 of the Bazaar User Guide. Brandon Williams update on 2009-01-09 is curious, because the Bazaar User Guide indicates that Launchpad does use container directories (again see Section 10.2.5).

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Brandon Williams (opensource-subakutty) said :

Looking back at the section that you (Kevin) indicate, I now have a better understanding of what it's talking about. In that section, it indicates that branches are not nested underneath one another. Instead, each developer has a container directory for each project s/he is working on, with one level of branches inside the container.

My understanding of this and the answer that I got from the Launchpad team is that the shared repository layout chosen for Launchpad only allows one directory level inside of the project directory, and each individual branch of a project must be located at that level. Although Launchpad uses container directories, they are not used in such a way that we as individual users of Launchpad can create directory trees with some arbitrary depth.

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Zearin (zearin) said :

Interesting discussion. I'll be listening in (and hoping for progress on this front as well).