How to edit the HTML output of documentation?

Asked by Zearin

I'm new to a lot of the kind of work that seems to be routine for many of the devs around here, but my interest in programming traces back to my initial love affair with (X)HTML and CSS.

I'm interested in trying out some things with CSS for the HTML versions of the Bazaar documentation, but I see that the documentation is written in some kind of wiki format. Where would I go to add some stuff into the <head> of the HTML documentation?

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EmmaJane (emmajane) said :

I'm not sure which part of the documentation you're referring to, but here's some more information about Bazaar documentation in general:

The documentation on the main Bazaar Web site is in a Wiki that you are welcome to edit ( If you are making a lot of changes you should also submit them to the mailing list for feedback. If you are not already subscribed, you can sign-on at:

There is also a set of "core" documents available from:

This "core" documentation is available directly from the Bazaar source code in the folder "doc." The documentation uses the markup language reST ( and is then converted using Docutils to the HTML pages that you view online. The default CSS file for the online Bazaar documentation is also in the source code folder "doc."

For more information on reST, including how to convert reST to HTML, check out:

Additional information on the core documentation is available on the Wiki at:

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Zearin (zearin) said :

I was referring to the “core” documentation, thanks.

I've started reading the reST documentation and it looks reasonably familiar to me; I mostly play around with XSLT in my spare time. That means I *could* convert to DocBook XML and use XSLT to achieve my desired output, but I bet nobody would appreciate the extra step in the conversion process. :)

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EmmaJane (emmajane) said :

What do you want to change? Why not grab a copy of the CSS file (which you can do by viewing the source) and alter it? You could then upload the revised CSS file and send an email to the mailing list explaining your enhancements. I'm not sure how playing with the XSLT transformations is necessary at this point....

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Zearin (zearin) said :

Oh, you're right about the CSS. If it's okay to modify that CSS file, then I'll be glad to start there.

The other ideas I had involved a dash of Javascript, however, which would require inserting a <script /> somewhere into the document's <head />.

XSLT is probably not necessary at any point. I just enjoy playing with it, that's all. It's at least nice to know that I can fall back on it if I hit any walls elsewhere. :)

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Vincent Ladeuil (vila) said :

Zearin, could we consider this question as answered since you seem happy enough with modifying the CSS file ?

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Zearin (zearin) said :

We could, although it would be great if I'd be able to sprinkle a little Javascript in, too…

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Best EmmaJane (emmajane) said :

The original question was how to manipulate the style of the document using CSS. I think we've answered that question. When you have some Javascript ready, please email the discussion list and with your proposed changes. Thanks!!

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Zearin (zearin) said :

Thanks EmmaJane, that solved my question.