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Asked by Craig Hewetson on 2008-11-07

How would I be able to see the changes (revisions) that I am about to push? NOTE: My changes not other people's changes.

Lets say I have been committing changes in my working tree and have done merges with the server over time. Then when my feature has been completed, I would like to see all the changes before I do a push. Is this possible?

Apparently mercurial has a feature like this called "outgoing"

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Just to elaborate:

I branch from a project.
I make changes A. (commit)
I merge with server (other people's changes B) (merge and commit)
I then make some more changes C (commit)
And then I do a merge with server (get changes D) (merge and commit)

Now when I do commit and then want to push.
But before that i would like to see a list of changes A and C. i.e my changes that I am contributing will be previewed before I push.

Best James Westby (james-w) said : #2


I think what you are looking for is the "missing" command.

Plain "bzr missing" will show you what has changed on either side. You
can use --mine-only to show only the changes made on your side (though
if you are able to push then there won't be any changes on the other side).

This command defaults to comparing with the parent branch, which sounds
like it is the correct thing for your case. You can specify an explicit URL to
the command to compare with another branch. Using "bzr missing :push" will
compare with the location that plain "bzr push" will push to.

If you want to see the actual diff then the best way might be
"bzr diff -r ancestor:URL".

I believe this can be shortened to "bzr diff -r ancestor::push" as well.



Thanks for the fast reply.

missing sounds like it will solve my problem.

Infact bzr diff -r ancestor::push is exactly what i need.

Thanks James Westby, that solved my question.