How to change the name of .bzr folder

Asked by Dan Fat


Is there a way to change the name of the ".bzr" folder by some configuration ?
I am trying to set up a repository on a sharepoint server, but it's not allowing this folder name.
I have found a very old post (2009) from someone asking the same thing but the answer was that it would be a nice feature to be added. I am not sure if this has been added to the current version.

Thank you in advance.
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Dan Fat

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Vincent Ladeuil
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Best Vincent Ladeuil (vila) said :

Briefly looking into bzrlib/, it looks like '.bzr' is hard-coded in many places, so the direct answer is: no, this is not supported.

This will require a significant effort to fix in bzr core, not to mention plugins that probably also make the same assumption.

While bzr attempt to support many protocol on a remote server, I've never hear about someone attempting to implement sharepoint support.

Note that if you want to upload a bzr *tree* (as opposed to host a bzr *branch* or repo), you may have better luck with the lp:bzr-upload plugin (you will still need to use some supported protocol but you won't need a '.bzr' directory on the server). The plugin requires a '.bzr-upload.revid' *file* on the server side though, not sure *that* is allowed by sharepoint.

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Dan Fat (dan-fat83) said :


Thank you for your quick reply. The idea to use Sharepoint is the access across the organization of certain files and put them under the version control (not to use the default one from Sharepoint).
The issue is not related to the protocol, is the limitation of Sharepoint that does not allow folders that start with ".". With a possibility to change the name of ".bzr" folder would allow the creation of the folder even on Sharepoint.
Hopefully a configuration could be added in the future to change this name.

Thank you again.
With regards,
Dan Fat