Bzr is dead!!!

Asked by Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi

Wherever I go many developers advice me to switch from Bzr to Git because the development of Bzr has stopped stopped, the efficiency of Git not comparable to Bzr and Git recent;y become most popular version control.

Personally I can't leave Bzr easily because I used it since many years ago and it has fabulous GUI (Bazaar Explorer) which I couldn't find better of it for Git so I just want to know

Does Bazaar really stopped? Do maintainers of Bzr really interest of it of it just a project they created (most open source portals use Git instead of Bzr which mean there is something wrong with Bzr)?

P.S. Last advice I got to leave Bzr was from redmine guys:

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said :

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Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi (mbnoimi) said :

15 days without responding... it's true that this project dead!

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Vincent Ladeuil (vila) said :

Your contribution is welcome !

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eoranged (eoranged) said :

Bzr is perfect, so additional development can only make it worse. It's the only explanation.

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creed (creed) said :

Bazaar is not dead to me. After extensive test driving and reading the Bazaar Book (, I migrated all of my Mercurial repositories to Bazaar this last week, thanks to Bazaar's fast-import plug-in.

The frustration was the difficulty finding a fast-export tool for Mercurial, which Mercurial does not provide . I found one here and modified its shell script to get the job done:

Bazaar Explorer is the best VCS GUI I've ever used. Very feature rich. Finally, I can ditch the command line (but it's there if I need it). Back-end features I especially like are: directories as first class objects, robust directory and file rename tracking, sequential revision numbers per branch.

I used Mercurial for the last two years. I never felt comfortable with it. I feel right at home with Bazaar. I will never go back, especially with a missing fast-export tool.

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Torsten Bronger (bronger) said :
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Torsten Bronger (bronger) said :

BTW, the first substantial effect of its death for me was that the subversion gateway was removed from Ubuntu. So, it is not theoretical. Its gradual disappearance is actually taking place.

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Bart Willemsen (b-willemsen8) said :

Well, as far as I can see, Bazaar is only widely used within the Ubuntu project and Launchpad. Most other open source projects moved to Github and of course, Git nowadays.

So, if you host your code here on Launchpad Bazaar is still a very viable option (because of the great integration) but if you already moved to other platforms, than there is not really a reason anymore to stick with Bazaar unfortunately. It's a shame really, because it still has so much potential. It can still be awesome if there was a dedicated team to maintain it..

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creed (creed) said :

Well over one year later, Bazaar is still being successfully built (12 days ago).

I've got the latest installed on my system (2.7.0dev1). It rocks!

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Kevin (m1ndstr3ngthapps) said :

I agree very much with creed. Bazaar is a very awesome DVCS; in fact, I consider it absolutely the best one! It is not dead, because I will continue to use it and try to spread its usage. It's not dead, but it evidently is not very active at all. :-( However, I'm willing to implement features and bug fixes. Make me a committer! ;-) I also switched my personal projects to use bzr.

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