(Duplicate?) Revert to a revision with new file modification times?

Asked by Charles Savoie

EDIT: Found that this is a duplicate of 94116. (https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr/+question/94116. That issue was marked 'solved' in 2009 but I still cant find any --set-timestamp option...?)

I'm using "bzr revert -rNNN" in Win7 to revert to specific revisions in order to track the revision in which an issue appeared. This works great, except that the file modification times of any files modified by the command seem to be the time of the revision's last change, rather than the current time. The goal is to recompile my application with any changes, and therefore this confuses my builder since the modified source files remain older than the compiled object files. I could do a clean build every time I go back in revisions, but this is very time consuming.

So in summary, is there a way to have bzr set the modification times of any files modified by the revert command to the *current* time?

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Vincent Ladeuil (vila) said :

I don't think the question you linked is a duplicate, in fact ISTM you want the opposite behavior of what is asked for there.

'bzr revert' set the modification files of every involved file to `now`. I.e. allow you build system to detect which files change and rebuild what is needed.

So bzr should support the scenario you're asking for, if it doesn't something weird is going on which can be caused by a network file system or some plugin you've installed.

The best way to progress here is probably to isolate a reproducing recipe on your system and file a bug.

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